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Thread: How old was you when you found out other people like wearing nappies too?

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    Default How old was you when you found out other people like wearing nappies too?

    I was 16 when I first found my first Diaper Lover website. Prier to that I thought I was weird for liking nappies. My sister was doing a Horticulture degree and I was visiting her on campus, she had studies and she left me alone in the computer room for the morning. It was basically the first time I could search for adult nappies alone and things let to other things and I found out I wasn't alone. i remember that being a good feeling. I got my own place at 18 and the first thing I did was get the internet.

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    I was almost 12 and went on the infamous Deeker's Diaper Page.

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    I think I was about 16 or 17. When this new amazing thing called the internet appeared. I remember doing some searches, I think that may have even been pre google? Found the ones at the time, that sadly these days have a bad rep. DPF and Deeker and stuff like that. I just wish there was a place like this back then.

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    I was 13 I think, I Googled about it since I thought my fetish was kind of strange. Turned out that there were a LOT out there who has the same thing . Luckily there is such a thing as the internet.

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    In my early twenties, long before the internet, thought I was the only till stumbling upon a letter in Playboy from a guy claiming his girlfriend was into diapers. That was huge relief.

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    Age 63. Even though I am a life-long DL, I suppressed the urge and really never had the time to indulge much until my retirement at age 56. The only time that I wore was for legitimate colitis issues until I inadvertently received my wife's (of 42 years) permission. You can see my join date; that is pretty much it.

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    I found that I was not alone when I was 12 despite the desires being there since after my trauma in first grade. It started with Deeker's Diaper Page, but it expanded soon after to include the ABDL stories site, DPRTube (now shut down, but I just loved Diaper_gal's videos), The Understanding Infantilism page (which was under another name at the time) and at some point to ADISC (as a lurker without an account - because I was too young to create one).

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    I'm significantly pre internet, but I knew there were others by the time I was 11 because I had a 12 year old friend admit to me that he enjoyed peeing his underwear. I told him I did too. I might add that he was always hitting on me. We were quite close.

    In college, my mom found my stash and I had to see a psychiatrist about it, that and having a psychotic break, so he knew about it. So did my mom, because she had a friend who worked in a motel and they had a customer who came in on a regular basis so he could use the bed to wet his diaper, etc. Back in the day, all of this passed from one person to another in whispers.

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    I was about 37 when I was cruising the net and saw an AB sucking a breast. I thought it was very weird. Later, I saw two TV shows that had ABs and even a furry in them. Another net cruise found ABDLs. I never even thought of putting one on but I held up one of our sons diapers one night to see what it felt like, used it, and, well, the softness and the feeling was incredible! Later on, my wife told me to throw out some pullups that were no longer needed in our house. Not before I tried them on! Then another search led me here. Nice to meet you all!

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