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Thread: Eek, so busted!

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    Default Eek, so busted!

    Step mom opened the door to my parcel and I said "oh, that's for me!" I must of sounded a bit panicky because she said "oh, alright ok!" And slammed the door.

    It was diapers but in a more descrete packaging. I need to get a good hiding place if I have that away.

    Grrrr! Why do I have act like that!!!!!????

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    Really hope I didn't give her a reason to snoop nowadays,

    Why do I have to be so paranoid, I feel so guilty,a

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    I'm hiding it under my bed under my coat, plus I think my step mum is ok with me now, I'm sure I'll come home to no confrontations on Sunday

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    i guess now she knows so i think you dont need to hide it anymore
    my niece had the same reaction when she found my stash 20 years ago
    i had an accident in my previous job that ruined my bladder
    she knew about it but she never thought that i have to wear diapers

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    I could just say I bought some sex toys which I did a while back, sorry for TMI!!

    That could explain why I was so embarrassed for her answering the door.

    She didn't actually know it was diapers, her and dad thought it was weights that I bought, mind you they have to be pretty light weights to be actually weights, oops?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Because I mentioned I wanted some

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'll just say it to step mom because she was the one who picked it up, it was in descrete packaging though

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'll just say "erm the reason I was flustered when you signed for my parcel was because I ordered from an "adult" website and I thought I was going to come in avasive packaging"

    - - - Updated - - -

    I to,d her about the "adult shop" story so at least she knows it isn't anything like ABDL

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    So you were not busted. Getting busted means that the person knows you are into or wearing diapers. Getting a package that has nothing on it, from who knows where is not getting busted.

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    I don't want you to feel bad, so I'm not saying this in that way. I've been wondering if your dad and step mom know, simply because you've introduced a lot of little things into your bedroom and into your life. Over time, it's hard to hide diapers because if used, they quickly smell. I've wondered that if your diapers do get discovered, how will they react? Since your dad seems to be accepting over toys, etc., will he be okay with diapers?

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    Not sure, I just don't want take the risk.

    They don't really go in my room but over the weekend they will proberly go in my room to feed my cat as the food bowl is in there to stop the dog from eating cat food.

    I'll just open my windows and leave them open during my stay and any smells I'll just say was the litter tray.

    They do know I have a touchy bladder anyway, just that I don't wear diapers

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