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Thread: Discovering my stash dream

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    Default Discovering my stash dream

    Its 4 in the morning here in the Uk and ive just had a dream where I showed my dad my stash and he started to go through my stash and throw everything out.

    After he done it, I knew the damage had been done!

    He didn't shout at me but I sneak all my stash under my bed in hope he won't see it.

    He was acting funny with he and so was my bio mum which was no surprise.

    Then I woke up... thankgod!!

    Checked my stash, nobodies touched it and nobody goes through my stuff.

    On thing for sure, never tell my dad or step mum!!!

    I'm not sure if I should hide my stash better or not.

    But I do know I've ordered a case of diapers which are coming tommorow and that I'm going to nanas house for the weekend.

    Not sure if this means anything but I really hope my dad didn't have the same dream, I've told him about ABDL a little bit, just wish I hadn't now!!!

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    I'm just scared of coming back from nanas house and finding either angry parents, my stash out in the open, a "what the hell did I find in your room!?" Speech or my stuff thrown out

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    Thank goodness I was just a dream!

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    They were acting normally

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    I've had similar dreams before. Stressful to say the least!

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