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    Hi all, I'm looking into finding a sleeping bag that won't leak if I wet it, in UK, any suggestions please? I'm sure there must be waterproof bags available somewhere, just need to know they are waterproof from the inside as well, hope that makes sense, thank you

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    I would think any sleeping bag that is made for sleeping in the wild, not under a tent. I'm sure they must exist.

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    My guess is that you won't fine a bag like what you want. The best solution is a sleeping bag liner or something similar.

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    If you sew Jenny at Babykins sell a cotton fabric with I believe it's a like a PUL layer between the sides that you could make into a bag liner ,it's sold by the yard and is about 3 inches over hang on each side of my hospital rehab bed I have been using it so long it's feels like a well used t shirt it's an off white color or maybe that's from age , and I believe it can be died any color,If you or somebody you know can measure cut and sew you can customize any bed or bag easily ,I even had pillowcases made .

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    Look for one that is waterproof on at least one side, and reversable.

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