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Thread: Moving and Your Mattress

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    Default Moving and Your Mattress

    I'm looking for some advice on moving my mattress.

    I'm moving to a new apartment soon and the one thing I'm concerned about hiding is the fact that my mattress has a couple tell-tale stains on it that wouldn't come out, are very easily identifiable, and may or may not be the result of some leaks over the years.

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the best way to keep the movers/parents (who are going to come assist) from seeing. Is moving it with a complete mattress cover a viable idea? It would cover up the handles.

    Any other solutions? I don't really feel like having the movers, my parents, and neighbors see my mattress's condition.

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    I have mine in a full mattress waterproof cover, it zipped on and the movers didn't take it off when I moved out of my apartment. It wasn't that expensive either and it protects my mattress from leaks like that too

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    I was thinking full, zipped mattress cover. You could cut slits where the handles are. I think that may be your only choice, the mattress cover that is, not necessarily the cut slits.

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    If the stains aren't too big, I don't see any reason to try to hide it. Most people keep mattresses for long periods of time and therefore mattresses can get stained.

    If you are concerned about it, then get a mattress bag. However, all the mattress bags I have ever seen, do not have built-in handles nor do the bags allow for easy holding of the mattress handles. In other words, putting the mattress in a mattress bag may make the mattress harder to move. Of course this depends on how many people you have to move the mattress and whether it is a twin or a large mattress.

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    Paint-on some coffee spills to conceal the existing stains? My mattress genuinely has genuinely had more coffee spilled on it than nappy leakage.

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    I've had a few diaper leaks in my day, to clean the mattress I've made a mixture in a spray bottle of : 1 cup of water, 4 table spoons of baking soda, 1 table spoon of dish soap (palm olive) and 4 table spoons of white vinegar. The mixture is excellent on removing stains and smells.
    Just spray on, let it sit, spray a little more and blotch with a towel then let dry, vacuum off the top (there will be little baking soda crystals)

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    If you can find it, buy some Quick N Bright. It's a pink buttery cleaner that gets out everything. I used it years ago to clean a mattress that had stains on it. It took them right out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aleakyboomboom View Post
    I'll second that. The mattress cover would work too if you intend to keep the mattress rather than just not wanting it to be observed as you dispose of it. I wouldn't waste more that the cost of a bottle of bleach if I wasn't going to keep it.

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