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    If you do sleep in pajamas, tell us about the ones you have! As a kid, my parents never bought me cute PJs, so as an adult I go all out! I have two pairs of footies, one pair with rocket ships and stars on it, and the other one with duckies. I also have several printed PJ pants, featuring dinosaurs, race cars, Taz from Looney Tunes, and Pokemon (featuring pikachu, emolga, chespin, fennekin, and froakie). I just wish I could find a full PJ set that was big enough for me. I can technically fit into a boys 18-20, but there are no printed PJ sets that big, unfortunately.

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    Sometimes I shop in the juniors section of Wal-Mart since I am so short. My latest purchases were a Hello Kitty bottoms Wonder Woman bottoms and around Christmas last year scooped up some Hello Kitty dropseat footie-like PJs, but without feet.

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    I have plain ones, aside from a pair with Raccoon Suit Mario printed on them. I, of course, have a footed sleeper as well, one that has zebra stripes.

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    I have a number of footed jammies from Jumpn' Jammerz. I also have a two piece Cookie Monster jammies as well as a couple of cute onsies with shorts. One is a Donald Duck onsie that my wife bought for me off of Ebay.

    If you want to find some other interesting choices, go to Amazon and type in Adult Baby Sleepwear and a lot of cute things come up. They're for women, but so are my Cookie Monster jammies and I actually enjoy that fact....teehee.

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    Mostly footie pajamas, along with a few non-footed one piece pj's, a short style romper, and even a sleepy bag thingy. My favorites however, I can't wear anymore because my joints have swollen up a bit too much, where my bunny pajamas made from me by a friend, who has since passed.

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    I have a pair of Eeyore footie jammies... somewhere. I've been trying to find them, but I probably can't wear them now. It's been too hot. :c I also like wearing pajama bottoms. A lot of them have the minions on them. I also have Stewie ones, but those aren't really little related. XD

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    Little keeper sleeper! Totally super soft and close in back!

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    I seem to have more pajamas than regular clothes! My favourite two pairs are:
    A matching legging and long shirt set from Peacocks (UK). They are light blue with clouds all over and a rainbow on the front!
    A soft fleecy onesie I got from Amazon which is grey and pink and has polar bears (my favourite animal, duh!) all over them!

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