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    My father in law had Parkinson's and he has one of those handles in his and my mother in law's cars along with one in my wife's car that he rides in often. He says they help out immensely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    My wife is a diabetic amputee on kidney dialysis, so I get frustrated when people who can walk reasonably well, take up the handicapped parking spots. My wife and I, especially my wife, take one day at a time. We try to enjoy each day that we have. At the same time, I try not to think of what the future will bring. We all go downhill as we age. I'm 69 years old and I hurt a lot more than I did 10 years ago. Like you said, we all "progress".

    Try to do the things you enjoy and if wearing diapers is one of them, to hell with anyone who has a problem with it. That's how I feel about my diaper wearing. I'm under constant stress and worry, and wearing diapers makes me feel a lot better. How can that be a bad thing!
    Around town here in Salem, N H 99% of the time in daytime I do not get to use a handicapped parking space at the Market Basket Supermarket in the Salem Plaza Shopping Center or at the Walmart 4 miles north, despite having a legitimate blue handicapped tag because of my Cerebral Palsy.
    Too few parking spaces.
    Plus, I have noticed some people using the spaces just for convenience.

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    Yeah, hitting different places you see all the handicapped parking packed and usually the people parked there have their placard. But it does burn me up when someone takes that spot. Even if you have a legitimate reason to want to park there you still have to have that placard hanging from your mirror or on your dash.

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    I am beginning to wonder if I have been missing signs of problems I have been having like rushing to the bathroom or having to go back after having just already went? That sudden urgent need to go and frequently. Perhaps I have on some level realized that i was heading in this direction and my reawakening of loving diapers is partly a mechanism to deal with what I feel is going on? I deal with too many things that trigger my serious depression and Parkinson's in general also feeds that depression. Perhaps this is an unconscious attempt to find a silver lining since I have been getting tempted way too often lately to just go hang myself.

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