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Thread: What's your little age and essentials as a little/AB?

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    Default What's your little age and essentials as a little/AB?

    I saw this as a thread and thought it was interesting. Sadly, the thread was closed... and I couldn't post. That's why I'm making a brand new one. ><

    Anyway, my little age is about four or five. My essentials are my favorite snuggle blanket and Disney Junior. I also have my favorite plushies... Skye, Fuli and Owlette. :3

    What about you guys? ^^

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    My little age is 2-3 and I have to have diapers, pacifiers, toys and changing supplies oh and warm hugs

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    My little age is 2 and I can't go a day without my diapers in case I have an accident, pacifier because it stops me from stressing and my stuffy called Bo-Bo (hes an elephant) because he cuddles me and is my best friend

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    I'm two. I need diapers, training pants, pacifiers, bottles, plushies, and cute clothes.

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    Goshums, I'ma 'bout 18-24mo's and I gotta have my diapies and paci and Rawr Bear and snuggles from Mommy!

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    My Little age is 8. What I require: Diapers, toys, books and movies.

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    It depends, but I'm usually between 2 and 5, mostly I'm 5 but love to behave more like a 2 yrs old, sometimes even younger with bottles and such. I definetely need diapers cause I can't keep myself dry. And my binky is very comforting especially at bedtime and naptime which I don't wanna take usually.

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    I'm usually around 3 to 4. I need diapers, my big snuggly baby softs (my stuffed animal friends), a pacifier or my thumb to suck, and cute pajamas and outfits. Cute TV shows or movies are optional.

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    I'm usually 2 and a half to three. I require cute diapers, stuffies, binkies/bottles, onesies/blanket sleepers, interaction with someone else (who is another AB/Little). Movies, Games, TV Shows,Toys are optional.
    Usually everything except the interaction is met while I'm in my headspace.

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    I tend to ageplay as a 3-year-old who uses bottles, diapers, pacifiers, a teddy bear, onesies, and watches Full TV series on DVD or plays video games.

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