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Thread: Throwing Away Diapers in Public

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    Default Throwing Away Diapers in Public

    Yes, I'm sure it's something a lot of members, particularly incontinent ones, have done before, but my viewpoint is a little bit... different...

    I've never thrown away a used diaper in a public trash can, but it's something I fantasize about from time to time. Not about throwing away an adult diaper, just a 4T-5T Pull-Up, or maybe a size 6 baby diaper. The idea of someone seeing my urine-soaked padding, in a receptacle where it's likely to be noticed - like the small trash cans in restroom stalls - is somewhat exciting/arousing to my inner exhibitionist. And since you can normally expect to find used diapers in public garbage cans, it's not like it would be forcing my interests on others.

    I think this element of my fetish harkens back to what I heard from my mother growing up, to her attitude that if you were two, you got potty trained, and if you were any older than that and still in diapers, it was somehow shameful. Note that the sizes of the baby diaper or Pull-Up I would be throwing out are large - normally worn by children who, according to my mother, would be ''too old'' for diapers. And that's where the appeal for me seems to lie - in a person seeing a diaper used by someone who is ''too old'' for it.

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    I can definitely relate to this. I used to wear to college all the time and I always made sure to leave it somewhat exposed in the trash can to make sure someone would see it. I always threw it in the trash can though. I do not agree with the exhibitionists who leave their used diapers on the floor or counters of bathrooms. That is just sick and wrong and definitely crosses a line.

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    It's not a fetish for me, and I am incontinent. So yeah, I toss my old diapers in the trash all the time.

    I be courteous about it too though. I always take the used diaper and roll it into itself from front to back. I then roll that over from one side to the other, and use the tapes from the remaining side to hold it closed up. This seals it up well enough so no seeing or smelling my pee with that at all.

    I then also go wash my hands, and toss the paper towels on top of my diaper, thereby covering it up nice and discretely without actually going out of my way to have done so.

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    Like Slomo, I'm also incontinent and handle throwing away used diapers in exactly the same way. When I'm in a public place, I change in one of the washroom stalls and then throw the rolled up, wet diaper in the bathroom waste can.

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    Anytime I am in public and need the very rare diaper change I do carry a few old plastic grocery bags for diaper disposal even if it is a single stall restroom AKA Prviate or family restroom I still use a plastic bag. I do roll it up and use the tapes to secure it and place it in the plastic bag and get the air out of the bag and tie the bag using the handles as the tie, then I do place bag in the trash can once change is complete. Again as others have stated its a cardinal sin and unsanitary and void of decency to just leave your diaper on the floor or stuffed in a nook or cranny. In multiple stalls you cannot escape the tell tale signs of tapes ripping off diaper or the plastic crinkling as you put fresh diaper on and since I am only urinary incontinent at the moment basically its a drop wipe with terliet paper and put on new diaper and off you go. Just remember others as you go about your incontinent life or fetishes as not to cause the rest of us undue harm from your carelessness.

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    I've used public trashcans on occasion. It's not a big deal to me either way. If I'm adequately prepared, I'll have bagged the diaper ahead of time but sometimes it's just rolled up and taped. I know other ABDLs who find it fun to think that someone might see a discreetly disposed of diaper but it doesn't do anything for me.

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    I don't specifically enjoy showing off my used nappies, but it's very reassuring to know that I'm comfortable enough with wearing not to have to hide them. I.e. it's OK to dispose of wet nappies because it's OK to wear disposable nappies. I do like to be hygienic about it though - taping a rolled-up nappy closed hides the contents but doesn't seal it, so for hygiene / odour reasons I normally bag it. But there's a twist. Some of the equipment I buy in comes in various sizes of strong, clear ziploc bags, that I re-use for carrying supplies in my changing bag. Of course, they make excellent disposal bags too, as they seal securely. I used to use opaque ones like the (expensive) Abri-bag disposal ziploc, but nowadays I tend to just use the clear ones. Yes, if you look you can see it's a wet nappy, but it's sealed and hygienic and no-one can complain about that.

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    I have always used a grocery bag because a diaper without a bag is pretty disgusting.
    You can always put it in the plastic bag, carry it out in your backpack, and dispose of it in a more discreet place.

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    best place to hide you cell phone and wallet on the beach is in a rolled up diaper, no one will look in

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    I always just role my diaper up when I have to throw it away. I really don't put too much thought into throwing my diaper away. Since ABU is my favorite brand im sure I would get quite a few strange looks of anyone were to see me actually throwing it away lol.

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