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    I've ordered online and bought a pack of 10, will they come in plain packaging because I just got a text saying inco supplies of something and I'm scared the packaging will say that

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    When I ordered a case it came in totally plain packaging.

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    I've never ordered from them before but it should only say inco supplies on the receipt inside the plain packaging. Usually sites will say that they deliver discreetly somewhere on their website.

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    I order from them regularly, and they've never sent anything without the proper packaging, always been in a plain brown box. These guys keep your privacy in mind.

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    As far as I remember the label says 'IncoShop' for the sender's name. ...something along these lines. BUT: The packaging is neutral.

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    The four packs of Little Pawz I bought came in a plastic bag of sorts... No box there, which surprised me a bit, but so be it.

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