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Thread: Testing capacity of Abu lanvinder, plz read.

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    Default Testing capacity of Abu lanvinder, plz read.

    Been wearing my current diaper since last night, it's had 3 large wettings(1 before bed, 1 just after midnight and my morning pee). I dunno how much more this one can take. Starting to feel a slight tingle, is this a sign I might be getting a rash?

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    it could be
    staying in a wet diaper for long periods of time could lead to diaper rash

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    I generally go to bed with an empty bladder (and always with a fresh diaper) and am almost always wet to some degree by morning, having been wet for maybe 5-6 hours total from first wetting to getting up. (the Kitten was pretty swelled up when I got up for work this morning!) But if it's a weekend I may sleep in a lot longer and so I' usually wearing a thicker diaper (Safari/Space) and can be in a wet diaper for 8+ hours before finally getting up to change. If I feel that "tingle" of my skin warning me I get up pronto to change, because my skin gets angry a bit too easily and it's no fun dealing with angry skin all weekend. (mine typically takes days to return to normal, which isn't common for most others who heal much faster than I do) So YMMV. Do what works for you. You'll have to experiment a bit to find your personal limits.

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