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Thread: Anyone cuddle their dolls when they go to sleep?

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    Default Anyone cuddle their dolls when they go to sleep?

    Hey all,
    Been a while since I posted here but I have started cuddling my two little Disney princess dolls when I go to sleep recently and it all I can say I wish I did it sooner. I don't know why but it's just so comforting and makes me feel secure and safe. It makes going to bed kind of fun especially waking up with the cute little dollie still cuddled in your arms it makes me feel so little and sweet <3 I have a pretty girly bed too so that just adds to the cuteness of it all. Does anyone else have a little doll they like to cuddle with at night?

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    I don't have any dolls but I usually cuddle my Cheer Bear Care Bear while sleeping. It really is soothing to cuddle.

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    Aww, I need to get a plushie too at some point. Glad I am not the only one who enjoys cuddling something while they sleep.

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    Cuddling my baby dollies is comforting for me and help me feel safe and loved.

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    I snuggle with my favorite fluffy blanket. He's so soft and comforting at night. >w< I named him Keru~ I can't sleep without him either (unless of course I accidentally fall asleep).

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    Oh so cool to see others have something they cuddle too. Just started getting into MLP and loving it so will have to get a plushie from that show to cuddle with too.

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    Stuffies, every night. But no only have a twin bed, so I only sleep with 3.

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    I snuggle with my blankie and one of my teddies every night, if I happen to be in bed on my own then I try and squeeze in as many teddies as possible!

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