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Thread: I've never felt like such a hypocrite before

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    Default I've never felt like such a hypocrite before

    My 7 year old son will occasionally go through spurts where he will wet his pants because he doesn't want to stop playing/reading/watching a show etc and tonight we had a little discussion about how he needs to go to the bathroom when he gets the urge and to not try and wait and I said something like "peeing yourself is not appropriate and acceptable"...all while I was wearing a wet diaper.

    It was only a few months ago that I finally told my wife that I like wearing diapers, and she has been pretty okay with it (that's another story) so I haven't spent very much time around my kids while wearing up to this point (they don't know, nor will they ever). We've had this discussion a few times in the past, but never under these circumstances. I had a hard time taking myself seriously as I was trying to explain to him why it is important to use the bathroom when he feels the need to go ,but I had to dad up in my hopes of him not being kid in elementary school that always smells like urine and has a hard time making friends.

    I mentioned my feeling of hypocrisy to my wife afterwards and she said that it's different, probably trying to make me feel better. She said it's because I'm making a choice to use diapers instead of the toilet. Maybe on a deep level it is different, and our motivations are very different, but the fact is we're both choosing to not use the toilet. Ugh...parenting, amirite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralphie View Post
    ?..but I had to dad up in my hopes of him not being kid in elementary school that always smells like urine and has a hard time making friends.
    Pretty much says it all right there. You did the right thing. I'm sure it felt awkward, but I don't see anything hypocritical about it. Your sons "accidents" are not the same thing as your "under control" interest in wearing diapers.


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    Not at all a hypocrite. You got a kink, your kids don't. That's all there is to know.

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    Also, you (or should I say that your environment) are protected, your child (and his environment) is not.

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    Your son is choosing to not use the toilet just as you are. You are allowing yourself that choice while denying it to your son. Yeah, you're a hypocrite.

    Now were you wrong to do so? No, I believe you were still right. As a parent you should do all you can to pursuade your son to be normally toilet trained. However, I do not believe you would be right should you actually force it on him, or otherwise manipulate him into it.

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    Times and places. Parenting is full of do as I say, not as I do situations. It's your job to keep them alive and make them functional so they can make the choices that will screw themselves up with decent understanding. If he's a diaper freak later on you can be understanding but for now, he needs to learn to use the potty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pampersguy View Post
    Not at all a hypocrite. You got a kink, your kids don't. That's all there is to know.
    Really? How do you know he doesnt like it the same as dear ol' dad?

    Haha, having just told your wife about diapers, did she point her finger and say " he got this from you, you handle it!" ?

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    Just give him a nappy and call it a day, should make the situation a little more interesting!

    Just imagine how that conversation would go over. Son, if you don't start using the toilet like a big boy you'll have to wear nappies until you do. He'll either be all like hell naw or like the idea, which in that case, you'll at least have someone else to share it with lol!

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    Don't beat yourself up about it. Different rules apply for children and adults. Your son needs to learn bladder and bowel control and going when its appropriate to do so because he needs to survive the business of growing up. As an adult, he may well decide to wear diapers for pleasure like you but, if he does so, it will be an adult choice. One of my early memories is of my Aunt Anne - then a 37 year old teacher - sitting and farting in my parents kitchen until she was nearly pooing herself. We're taking about 20-30 minutes here. Luckily or unluckily she did go to the toilet at the last minute. I know however that if I'd dared to fart I'd have been sent to the toilet straight away but I understood that different rules applied to her and that if she chose to shit herself as an adult she was entitled to do that.

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    Our son peed his pants up to 5th grade for the same reason: He would get so involved in something that he would not go in time. We found out later he has Asperger's which is a hyper focus disease. So...Does your son have any ADHD type symptoms that might be the cause rather than laziness?

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