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    Hello all!

    Long time DL who has only had the chance to indulge in my desires very recently. I went on a spree of sorts, trying a bunch of different diapers out.

    I'm looking to get some Tena Slip Maxi's, and was wondering whether I could get advice on what size. I have a 28" waist, my recently-bought DryNites and Libero SleepTight's fit nice, but my Abri-Form M4's (medium) are possibly a tad too large. Read quite a lot of threads on here regarding sizing, but am still not sure.

    Anyone with 28" waist who has bought Tena Slip Maxi's care to weigh in?

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    I'm around that size myself and found the smalls work better for me. Goodnites still fit me well but when it comes to adult diapers like Tena I always go for the small sizes if I can. The biggest downside with Goodnites is they're more for cuteness than heavy wetting so if that's more of your concern I'd go with the Tena's.

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    A 28" waist will put you in mediums for some brands, but small for others. Diaper sizing is kind of hit and miss between manufacturers, so you'll just have to try them out.

    Regardless of actual size ratings, a diaper is supposed to fit like a diaper. Not tighty whities. They are intended to extend up to your waist line (near your belly button), both front and back. The tapes should also be snug, but not overlapping each other on the front panel. The diaper should also leave a little expansion room by not being tight around your midsection.

    If you find any of these arent right, then it is a clear sign you need to switch sizes.

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    Many of the suppliers will offer a sample in the two sizes you are concerned about if you ask. Writing to the "info" address at Northshorecare has worked for me.

    As for Tena, I've found their sizing to be generous so smalls will probably work for you. Still, every one is different.

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    I am 32-34 and Tena Maxi Medium fits me well, so you are probably good with small.

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