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    I've been having some trouble with self acceptance recently. The details aren't particularly important, but I was talking to a friend on a different site about this (who is also a little), and he suggested I start doing bedtime routines for my little side.

    So I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I've been watching bedtime stories on Youtube right before I go to sleep (I.e Goodnight Moon), but I'd like to add some more stuff. Preferably things that I can do in secret and don't always involve wearing a diaper!


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    When it comes to taking care of my baby girl, our bedtime routine usually consists of bath time, bottle feeding, story time, and then bed time. We are still working on developing a more concrete routine ourselves, but you can also try adding in small things such as watching cartoons or playing with toys before you take a bath, listening to some type of lullaby to help you sleep, tucking yourself in, turning on a night light, checking for monsters in the closet or under the bed, etc... All of this can easily be done in private and doesn't necessarily have to involve diapers.

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    Usually for me, my nighttime routine consists of the following two scenarios based on if I am in padding or not:
    Scenario 1 (In Padding):
    I take a shower and after drying off I put on a diaper and dress in a onesie. I plop a pacifier in my mouth, find and start snuggling with a plushie, then watch Anime or Star Trek. On occasion I fire up one of my old games like the Harry Potter Series and play it until midnight. When that is over I either try to crawl up the stairs or toddle over to my bed and go to sleep while cuddling my plushie.

    Scenario 2 (Not in Padding):
    I spend some time on the forums here or on the discord server. Then I would close down at 11PM and go downstairs for Anime/Star Trek. This is done with or without a plushie and/or pacifier. Then depending on those choices I go upstairs to go to bed at midnight again using the articles that I chose or didn't choose.

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    Default little time at night consists of coming here on ADISC. Sometimes, we're not so little in our conversations. Oh well.

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    My Routine:
    Take medications.
    Brush Teeth.
    Watch TV/Play with toys.
    Get into nighttime diaper.
    Go to bed.

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    My bedroom routine consists of: Turning on my fan, having Disney Junior on while I fall asleep and snuggling with Keru under my fluffy blanket... I'm also autistic, so routine is usually very important to me.

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