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    Ok, I've been wearing 24/7 since 2011. For the last two months I've had a redness around the head of my penis right befor the tip/head, bet the end of the shaft and under neath the penis. It only hurts during erections and inflames. I went to my family dr and he said no std, he's worked in a clinic for 20 years and sent me to a dermatologist. The dermatologist said he felt it could be inflamed due to constant moisture and sent me home with a prescribed cortorzone ointment, heavy duty skin barrier cream and better soap. Has anyone ever experienced this or anything similar. My wife was with me and we ruled out any allergic reaction to her. Doesn't hurt when soft either. Very weird and why now all of a sudden?

    Thanks to anyone who reads and can share their feedback. Prefer only responses if some as experienced something similar. Thank you!

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    It happens when you wear often. I got thrush really bad on my thighs and genitals about a year ago; I talked to my doctor and got a cream to cure it.

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    Default Diaper rash on private

    Many years ago I was on a course of strong antibiotics for entirely different issue however it caused an imbalance in good bacteria. The first symptom was when I had to urinate I got a severe burning at tip of penis like what you describe but looking closer I had what appeared to be a rash but in fact lots of micro tears in and around foreskin. And it became very painful. Turns out I think it may have been thrush or similar I ended up using anti fungal cream ant it eventually healed. I hope this clears up soon for you.

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    Seconded, a rash which refuses to clear up regardless of how much cream you use, is most likely a bacterial infection. Go to the store and get some over the counter lotramin or dr.schols antifungal cream. There is also a n over the counter antifungal powder you can used, called zeasorb.

    Also, for stuborn rashes you should ask for a prescription called "triple diaper cream" (this is not the over the counter triple paste stuff). It works wonders on healing most any kind of rash, quickly too.

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    Thank you to the ones who took the time to read and comment. I appreciate your feedback and support. The Dr gave me Desonide Ointment. Let's hope it works!


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