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Thread: Dream Diaper Design

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    Default Dream Diaper Design This is what I would like to see scaled up to adult size. Lots of padding all the way out to every edge. wouldn't you like to wear something like that just once?

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    WOOW! So much fluff! And the whiteness! Omg I need those. That is how the all-white version ABDL diapers should be.

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    i know, right. well, like the title says, we can dream. I wonder though could current machines make that or would it take an entirely new setup? Is there anyone on the board that has expertise in this area?

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    Wow those look amazing I love thick diapers ( I'm a dl not an ab) if that was made and was functional I would go bankrupt

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchtopK View Post
    This is what I would like to see scaled up to adult size. Lots of padding all the way out to every edge. wouldn't you like to wear something like that just once?
    Absolutely. This would be amazing! It wouldn't matter how much they would be or how bulky/revealing they are, they would just about be my go to diaper day and night.
    Sure yeah I bet they'd be expensive, but I can pick up some more hours at work >u<

    I would also hope for a plentiful amount of SAP as well. I would like it if there was some swelling factor to them too. Can't just have all that as exclusively fluff fill, it would be like the diaper shell filled with cotton balls. The retention would be nonexistent every time you sat down :P

    But yeah, I want one that thick, probably just a little thicker, that I wouldn't need to add boosters into it to get the bulk and poof I like. Someday though, we'll get the chance of overpoof, maybe just like the one in my profile pic!
    If only Abena didn't ruin the Abrilet-Maxi boosters, making them so thin, I'd still have bulk in my regular padding close to the dream stuff

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    I used to wear these as a child. SO wish they were still made today. I guess this is probably why I like my diapers THICK!

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    i think the whole trim fit campaign was mostly to justify cost reduction. and once it got traction going back to real thick diapers became an impossibility. too bad really.

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    I would to meet someone that has computer auto cad and can take proportional measurements of our current favorite baby diapers (pampers, huggies, luvs) even some of the old plastic style like pampers, anyway take those true measurement and then use the computer to make them larger (new measurements, but still the same diaper template) use those new measurements and either make new die cuts on a diaper machine or retool a whole machine, whoever can do this would make a killing.
    So everything would be proportional, if a current baby diaper is 16" long by 5" wide then a new one might be 24" long by 8" wide, if the tape tabs are 1" wide then the new ones might be 2" wide, you get the point, but more importantly the copy would include the elastic leak guards and stuff to the will still pull and fit the same way.

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    Not in the same league as these but I remember the A1 adult Diapers were shaped like this without leakage guards and to padding mould around the body (rather than fit.)

    Back in those days you could really hear babies coming when they walked and no hiding the diaper bulge.

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    Honestly, they look amazing, just with how thick they are. If there was a company that could find a way to adapt that sort of concept to an adult size, perhaps with dual leak guards similar to what's customary nowadays, sign me up!

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