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Thread: Attachment issues amongst ABDL / LITTLE communities?

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    Default Attachment issues amongst ABDL / LITTLE communities?

    Hi all,

    I was just curious how many of us in the ABDL / Little community have issues with attachment?

    In therapy, I will almost always become attached to female therapists, mostly a maternal transference... Unmet needs, wants and desires.

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    As an Autistic person, I have always had issues with forming attachments to other humans. It is like I can not bond with others because I do not know how to trust another human to not hurt or abuse me physically and emotionally. I will admit that I never really bonded with my own Mother while she was alive. I stay alone, because I just do not want to be hurt anymore.

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    Me! I always get attached to teachers or someone in that kind of position, especially if i struggle in the class and they help me. I also see a Physical therapist Im low key attached to. Once she wasn't there and I felt like a little kid without his mom and was super annoyed that she was dealing with someone else at that time. When she came over to say hi and talk to someone about something I felt a lot better. It sounds weird but meh . Usually these attachments are a seeking maternal love thing/ sometimes its romantic or platonic.

    But I have a hard time attaching with anyone else. Especially family - Dunno why its so hard but I cannot become attached to ANY of my family or most of the people I hang out with in my friend group.

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    I have an attachment towards women over men..... When I had teachers for high school and even in college, I prefer a female teacher/professor over a man. I have trouble attaching to conversations of my own age group though... I prefer conversation with people 2 to 3 times my age....

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    I am shy and an introvert so I have had few attachments in my life.

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    As a kid, I always had a best friend that I was terribly attached to. Now, I'm mostly attached to my immediate family.

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    This sounds a lot like me actually. I've always been attached to people older than me, like my parents and some teachers. I can't relate well with anyone my age but I like being around younger people, since I act more like them, and older people because they tend to be more protective of me. I get very jealous when my parents or best friend talk to other people. It makes me feel so helpless.

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    I get attached to people, given my past you'd think it would be the opposite (psychologists who know me are a bit baffled by it).

    I only get attached to men and only one person at a time.

    I hate to admit this (hence why I love the anonymity of this website) but I'm so attached to my daddy that if he doesn't text me back for an hour I start to low-key stress, like its all I will think about, I will carry on working or what ever I'm doing but it will be on my mind. Everything he says I will read to make sure I haven't done anything wrong and he won't leave me. If he is upset, stressed or anything, I will feel it. Everyone thinks I'm independent but it's only because I try so hard not to seem clingy, really I make myself miserable.

    I feel so vulnerable being attached to him because I'm so scared someone will take him away from me, he means so much to me and when I get attached to someone it is literally like my whole world revolves around them, I just hide it well..

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    When I was little, I was having trouble giving up my pacifier, then I didn't want to get out of diapers, and I was at least eight before I put Mr. Bunny on the shelf, and I've since gone back to to the latter two. I was 18 before being diagnosed as mildly autistic, but I'm not sure to what extent that has influenced my little side. I mean, I didn't even say my first word until close to my third birthday, and then I struggled in speech therapy with the letter R for ten years beyond that, and now that I've put Mr. Bunny back into my life I go into my little space sometimes and slip right back into my speech impediment when I "talk" to him. So I guess I'm attached to the feeling of being little in general.

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