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Thread: Telling my dad eveeything

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    Default Telling my dad eveeything

    So, my mom isn't the most open minded person in the world. I made another post about showing my mom a diaper and telling her everything. Did it in a bad way. Anyways, I'm going with my dad to the state capital to watch The total solar eclipse, and I was thinking about telling him everything I know about why I like to wear diapers and act like a kid. He sounds to be more understanding and he doesn't get mad at the fact that I want to wear diapers. He just says it needs to stop. But what I've thought about is telling him everything and then maybe showing him one of the SDKS I have and telling him what it is and who makes them. My mom knows so what about my dad. (My parents are divorced by the way). So, would this be a good idea or a bad idea?

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    Sounds like he already knows enough, and you already know his feelings on it. Why try and push it any further? Just find a way to keep it to yourself. I never thought of this as something that needed approval from outsiders. I say it's a bad idea.

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    You're going on a fun trip. Why risk ruining it with weirdness?
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    I agree with Cereal and ArchtopK on this. What your parents don't know won't necessarily hurt them. You already know their position on it as I have done with my parents after they discovered my stash senior year of High School...

    You are among a group here in which our parents do not like our practices being little so the parents want to isolate us from them when we are in our head space. I am part of this cycle and I have to tell you, you are treading on thin ice when pushing your parents. Some parents, especially helicopter/overprotective parents, tend to push back with punishments and consequences if you push them too hard...

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    Unless him knowing and not understanding is affecting you directly, it's a bad idea. Even if it is affecting you directly, it should then be a matter of discerning objectively how great or negative the effect on you is. Your father has been clear how he feels about it. Maybe more information could change his mind but unless changing his mind is really necessary, I think you should leave it be.

    The acceptance you're seeking can come easily from ABDL friends and from the right partner. Look toward building those relationships and don't drag your parents into something they don't want to be involved in.

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    Thank you guys for the advice. I was wanting to see if it would be a good or bad idea. Lol I'll definitely take your advice.

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    Yes to turn this around, what if your dad wanted to tell you about some kinky fetish thing he's into with your mom. TMI TMI TMI!!! No good can come from telling, but if he continues with the 'This has to stop." Then you might just politely tell him that: I know it's unusual and you're just looking out for me, but it's private, isn't hurting anyone, and isn't going to stop.

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    I wouldn't. Trust me as odd as it seems my parents are cool and my best friends honestly (I mean I have friends too). I wouldn't dare tell my parents my desires though as they simply wouldn't understand. My mom actually found a diaper ( a medical one) and asked me if I was ok. I just told her I wet the bed but I'm ok. She was ultra concerned that I was 19 wearing diapers though I can only imagine if it were a AB brand. And my 24/7 diaper usage has actually led to bladder leakage so at 23 now I truly need them ��

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