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Thread: The Plush Insanity

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    Hola everyone!

    So I'm thinking of getting a stuffie to cuddle with at night because secretly I'm very lonely. Not sure if I want a life-sized teddy bear or anything, just a plush companion. Any ideas?

    You can think of this as a show & tell thread too. So why not show/talk about your stuffie toys here?

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    Well, if there's a certain cartoon or video game you like, you could look for plushies based on the characters. Or just head to Toys R Us and see if anybody jumps out at you.

    Here's a picture of the plushies I keep on my bed:

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    My wife bought for me a teddy bear that we saw at Toys R Us. He's about two feet long, if that gives you an idea of size. I sleep with him every night. I'm a back sleeper (after two back surgeries) so it's comfortable for me to wrap my arms around him with him on my chest. I also have six other plushes on the bed as well. My wife got all of them for me as presents.

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    Cheers guys! Looks like I'm doing some Toys R Us shopping this week then.

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    Find a bear that is perfect cuddle size. In my opinion that's one you can comfortably wrap your arm around while you sleep. Also, the more stuffies the better! I love putting them in a cuddle pile and snuggling them all :-)

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    I've collected a lot of plushies to cuddle with over the years, most of them from Amazon and Ebay. I have Pikachu, Cubone, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and multiple Yoshies. I started getting them in high school, and I've been sleeping much better since.

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    I was into sleeping with plushies all throughout early High School. When social norms demanded that I remove them from my bedroom, I did with a lot of reluctance. I missed having them in my bed and being able to cuddle with them at night. I restarted the plushie obsession mid Sophmore year of college at the same time I started to feel the need to be little again get stronger and stronger. After I started snuggling with Todd, my fox plushie, I have been having less weird and disturbing dreams, less nightmares and with the introduction of a pacifier have been getting a sounder sleep.

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    Having stuffies really helped me with my anxiety. I usually sleep with my Umbreon, Glaceon, and a puppy stuffie I've had since I was 2. Kimba gave some good advice on finding one from your favorite cartoon or game, since it's better to have one you're more emotionally attached to. My puppy got me through a lot of lonely nights so go for whatever gives you the most comfort.

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    Since I did have a puppy plush when I was wee cub and like ya'll are saying, it's best to get something I can emotionally bond with, I'm gonna definitely look into ordering some of the Paw Patrol pups so I can snug with 'em at night. Might tone down my own anxiety once I get them.

    Thankyou all for the response and help and have a good evening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoungYoshi View Post
    I have Pikachu, Cubone, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and multiple Yoshies.
    I'd really like to see these. :P

    Toys R Us probably is your best bet for plushies; they have 42" teddy bears. They're pretty pricey, but still.

    And here's my favorite plushy.
    Click image for larger version. 

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