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    Default Moving is stressful....

    So ive been living with my roommate for a year now and our current apartment while not super horrible has a major roach infestation. The office doesnt seem to really care too much they have sent pest control out but its never done amything even doing stuff myself to try to get rid of them has been futile.

    Anyways she wanted to resign a lease with me but obviously not at this roach infested piece of crap. Lol. I spent 2 months looking and 30-40 places later we have finally found a decent 2 bed 2 bath. Got approved and signed the lease.

    Before we found this place i was feeling insanely stress and overwhelmed because on top of trying to find a new apartment ive started having minor things go wrong with my car and other things i need to take car of so i run start having more major issues in. Ive also been trying to find another job because things are going down hill at my current job. So yeah. Stressing about alot of things .

    Thankfully these apartments has made the process super easy and stress free. Hopefully its stays that way once we move in... Now the stress of actually moving then time to worry about my car and a new job. One step at a time as they say.

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    And then a couple weeks to a month of not being able to find anything because it's in a different place.

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    Roaches? Ewwwww... I've fortunately never had to deal with them. The bane of my existence is fruit flies — they love the leftover cat food that my cat does not deign to eat and leaves in her dish all day. Annoying little things.

    I do very much hate moving though. The packing, the work, the hassle of having everything packed away and not where you'd like it... the stress adds up. It's actually one of the things that attracted me to the tiny house idea, but that's another topic. ^.^;;

    Good luck with the new place.

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    Sorry it's been so stressful. Cockroaches are disgusting creatures, not to mention the fact that they can be a health hazard. In addition to carrying antigens that can trigger asthma, they can also carry disease-carrying germs. Some of the treatments used for extermination can cause health problems for some tenants.

    Your profile says you're in Texas. According to the legislation, there are a number of options available under the Texas Property Code that would allow a tenant to take action if a landlord is unresponsive to your complaints. This could include an order to do the work and deduct the costs from your rent and financial compensation if the landlord has been found to be negligent. Complaints to your landlord should always be put in writing in the event that you encounter problems with a delinquent landlord. It's important to have a paper trail as evidence. Termination of the lease is also an option in which case the landlord can only charge rent up until the termination date and the tenant can deduct any security deposit from rent owing up until that date. Also a lease must contain language in bold or underlined print that outlines all of a tenants remedies in these matters.

    Texas Property Code

    Depending on where you live in Texas, a complaint could be made to get a Property Standards Inspector to attend the property and issue a work order to the landlord giving them a period of time to comply.

    I understand my reply comes after the fact since a new lease has already been signed, so please just consider this for future reference. I see tenants move all the time because they would rather move than deal with landlords who don't care about the property. However, as a tenant you do have rights, and those rights include having a safe, healthy and habitable apartment. Always get legal advice from an expert in your area about landlord-tenant laws when you're having problems with a landlord.

    Best wishes in your new place. Housing plays such an important role in our mental health and feeling safe. I hope it's stress-free and brings you lots of peace of mind to deal with the other things.
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    I have only seen one cockroach in my entire lifetime. A German cockroach was in the bathroom at my internship last summer but I killed it and flushed it.... Also saw a few field mice during my time there.

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