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    Does anybody here play league of legends if you do and want to play league with me reply with your username. Mine is Derebear03 it may be until Wednesday until I can get on league of legends

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    It's been years since I've played. Never played enough to get to player level 30 for ranked matches. Do they still have a toxic community over there?

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    I'm playing LoL, although very rarely now. The community is as toxic as it has been forever, truthfully it's not the game that I would recommend to everyone unless you plan to play with friends, people that you know in real life - like me, because playing solo is just waste of time and is not fun at all, unless you are still in High School and have plenty of time to spend on climbing a rank in video game, it's not worth it. I'm playing with friends only, rarely, but sometimes it's nice to talk on TeamSpeak together and play a few games at night, it can really chill you and give you a lot of fun.

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