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    We always bring up here how relatives or friends (and even strangers) react if they find our diaper stash. What about stuffed animals? Some of you have seen my posts about my beloved Mr. Bunny from when I really was a baby, and I still have him since my mom won't met me give him away, and I don't even want to let go of him anyway since I've had him my entire life. Within the past year I resumed sleeping with Mr. Bunny, and sometimes carrying him around like I used to, and I decided to tell my mom, who discovered my diaper stash in a way much like other users here have had theirs discovered. I was comfortable doing so since she's okay with my diaper wearing provided I dispose of them properly. So I told her that I reconnected with Mr. Bunny, and she acted so understanding because she knows how special he is to me and it's just really comforting. So that was just on my mind and I was wondering if anyone else has discussed their stuffed animal in some way with someone they know, either by confessing or by them discovering it.

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    My dad saw my pile of plushies I keep next to the bed and his first question was "What did you name your teddy bear?" and that made me feel safer about having them around. Now I have them out more often and other people don't notice or doesn't care about them.

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    After our diapers, having a stuffed animal around is nothing in comparison.

    I diaper my teddy bears, and even still the biggest reaction I've ever had was from my sister who thought it was cute and wanted her bear to babysit mine while we were out of the house.

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    Our diapers are the main concern of parental probes and helicopter parents everywhere. Having/using stuffed animals are a small blip on the radar compared to the amount of blips (DEFCON 1) that would register for a diaper. Mom shared a story with me about when she was at the end of her rope, after divorcing with her abusive husband (1st one - never did 'it'), she frequently slept with her favorite stuffed animal every night. She said that the practice is perfectly normal in her book.

    The thing she said was abnormal was my urge to wear diapers (general term) which she called baby diapers (which denoted that they were only for small children). This lack of dividing definitions between diapers and baby diapers blurs the lines of how the public views our desires. Mom specifically went derogatory in her definition as she saw them as a sexual desire and nothing more. I view them as a nonsexual coping mechanism necessary for moving forward from trauma and stress. Since my parents and I cannot find a middle ground on this issue, I have not been able to express it as freely with my father in the house most of the time as a retiree. What I can do is, sleep with my plushies without arousing suspicion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    After our diapers, having a stuffed animal around is nothing in comparison.

    I diaper my teddy bears, and even still the biggest reaction I've ever had was from my sister who thought it was cute and wanted her bear to babysit mine while we were out of the house.
    I also diaper my plushies. Currently my teddy is wearing a huggies diaper, my rabbit is wearing Luvs, my my little piggy is wearing a parent's choice. I posted the diapered rabbit on facebook and a lot of my friends said it was cute.

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    At least all you guy's parents have been fine with the stuffed animals and diapers, I got crucified for having and wearing diapers. I told her it was how I relax and deal with stress and she says that no one does that. Not just for fun either. As of now, the only bear I have out (the others are in hiding) is a bear I got from Build A Bear like last year.

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    I have a few plushie ponies in my bedroom and noone complained about them. I guess having plushies isn't such a big deal nowadays. Many people collect plushies, or still have some from thier childhood.

    While I sat together with some friends, one friend of us told us, that she recently started sleeping with a stuffie again, cause she was having nightmares lately and it really helped her dealing with those. Noone told her it was wierd and more than I thought (including me) admitted, that they sleep with stuffies sometimes too.

    Seems like there are more people still sleeping with stuffies out there, than you would think.

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    Stuffed animals are benign. Everybody knows I have a bear collection from little guys up to the five foot one sitting in my office. I even get bear things as gifts from my straightest laced relatives. My wife and daughter even took me to build-a-bear on my 40th birthday. The staff found it fun, too. I got the "I'm the birthday bear" with my name and age (40) on it. We then went through the whole shebang picking out the bear, stuffing it, and dressing it.

    The folks at Vermont Teddy Bear and Boyds Bears didn't bat an eye when I showed up solo for the tour of their facility either.

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