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    I've been wearing constantly for 7 months now, i dont ever want to go back to part time diaper wearing. Soon I'll be back on my own again, probably going back to school. My disability claim went thru and i finally have the money to get my life straight. I cant wait to order some printed diapers( cant right now, my mail gets checked and my roomate would give me funny looks). One thing has changed for me, i used to like being wet and/or messy for a while, but now i get uncomfortable and change pretty quickly.
    I'm planning a road trip this fall, gonna stop in south Carolina on my way to visit a relative in Florida. Then i want to head west to see my sister in Texas and then the grand canyon. Gonna continue up the coast of Cali to see some redwoods, then thru Montana because i love big sky county. Anyone suggest things that are a MUST SEE?
    Ive seen...
    Glacier nat'l park
    Mt Rushmore
    Devils tower ( gonna stop there again and hike to the top this time)
    Custer's battlefield
    St Louis

    I think its gonna be like a 3-4 week trip. Probably will have my dog with me so I wont be going anywhere pets arent allowed like amusment parks/ music venues etc. Gonna camp as much as i can along the way.

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    Alamo San Antonio, Bourbon Street New Orleans, Stockyards of Dallas, Grand Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Vegas baby!!!, Hollyweird, San Fran- Alcatraz, Lombard Drive, Ghiradelli chocolate factory, Pier 39 at the end of the pier is 2 excellent seafood restaurants where you can look at Sea lions, Golden Gate Bridge , California seascoast highway from LAX to San Fran via Santa Barbara & Monterey, Napa Valley wine region,FYI There is a C I A school restaurant in NAPA valley that is awesome. Oh and real Chinese food in Chinatown Empress of China is my suggestion awesome view of the city. If you are continuing up towards Seattle there is the space Needle, Fish Market, Potato museum in Idaho, Reno NV Salt Lake City Utah for a massive church and a free tour of the city where you can go and trace your families gene's. However if you really want a nice drive you could do the Great Lakes Circle tour and do Mackinac Island, Mackinaw Bridge, Traverse City for Cherries and Leelenau Peninnsula for wines , Detroit to visit Greenfield Village and Go deep downtown to the Business district & Greektown you will be surprised on how nice Detroit actually is FYI if you are a book worm Detroit has the one of the best bookstores in the world called John King Books just a block from the Detroit Greyhound Bus Station and many Celebs come there to get their books from around the world . Buick Museum in Flint Michigan, Pinconning for the Squeaky Cheese, Iron & Copper Country of the Upper Peninsula You can go thru a old Iron Mine in Iron Mountain Michigan also. Take the trip up the Keeweenaw Peninsula and do the Brockway Mountain Drive to Copper Harbor you will not be disappointed at all. While in Michigan eat a Pastie get the Beef one with Gravy. And do not forget the Fudge too. Can go thru a Aviation Museum in Oshkosh Wisconsin. Cheese Curds & String Cheese Milwaukee for Harley Davidson & Chicago for the Sears Tower & Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza & Vienna Hot Dogs. Minneapolis for the Mall of America.

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    Thank you xpluswearer. There are some great suggestions there!

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