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Thread: Do you think there is a lot of money in it for ab/dl companies.

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    Default Do you think there is a lot of money in it for ab/dl companies.

    Selling nappies and products to the ab/dl community?

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    Probably not, this is a niche market. Meaning not much bulk orders can be made.

    Lower orders make for higher production costs. I would think it's offered so they can make a few dollars but it's not a huge thing for them I would think.

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    Given how small of a market there is, and also given the fact that they have to complete with companies that make incontinence products, I imagine it is a tough business to be in.

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    I believe the ABDL market is a lot bigger than a lot of people believe. Also, these companies most likely wouldn't just because of the threat of a negative public backlash.

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    If you want to try and estimate it, take a look at how frequently a company like ABU runs out of stock. They are ordering diapers by a minimum of a shipping container (most likely a large one). In my own experience they run out of size medium SDKs every 6-8 months or so, and they have multiple brands. Not sure how many SDKs fit in a shipping container, maybe 8000. If they sell 10 containers of diapers a year that would be 80,000 diapers. They'd probably want to sell for at least $1 more per diaper compared to what they buy them from in China. So after shipping ($3000-$4000/container), staff ($15/hr/person), warehouse costs ($1500/mo) they aren't getting rich, but they are enriching the community greatly. We should probably drop these businesses a thank you card once in awhile.

    ABClothing in order to make a fair amount of money you'd have to be willing to go to China or one of the other 'cheap clothing' countries and enlist a company to make your designs and could offer a selection as large and beautiful as what Privatina does. I think the Chinese govt might be subsidizing shipping directly from China now, because a lot of sellers on Amazon and Aliexpress are offering free shipping where the product is shipped directly from China (eliminating warehouse and container fees for the seller).

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    Look at supply and demand. There's enough demand to support people at least making a living off our supplies, so I'd say yeah- maybe not a lot, but enough anyways.

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    There was a guy on craigslist who claimed he sold ab/dl merchandise. But when I called him to see if he had some kind of store or warehouse he told me that he just ordered what his customers wanted from a catalogue.

    Considering where he was and that he relied on craigslist for his advertising needs, I doubt he made much.

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    with too many competitors, it becomes difficult to succeed in a niche market. The best thing that could happen would be to also have a back channel to nursing homes. So it pays to have a plain vanilla in the lineup as well. Without it, it may be hard to hang in there for any length of time. It certainly is not a get rich quick market place. But with a good product mix, it could be a satisfying living for one or 2 people.

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    Too niche to make a considerable amount of money, which is why ABDL companies have to sell their products for such high prices.

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    Im just happy in Aus there is a new diaper supplier that I found the other day and are currently awaiting my first shipment. When I dug a little into where the business was (located in QLD) it was an aged care equipment and supplies store that had created its own ebay ABDL store and also website that catered specifically to the Aus ABDL community. Surprised that more companies like this don't investigate more into these 'niche' markets to increase reach.

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