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    Hey there,

    I'm a Daddy Dominant currently working on an adult baby nursery for my baby girl. Right now, I am trying to think of ways to create a crib, changing table, and playpen. I have thought about repurposing other furniture, but I want to hear ideas from anyone who has been thinking about this, or has had personal experience. I'm aware of the plans for the one popular crib that has been circulating around the internet. However, I wanted to create something a little more sturdy for a forced regression scene. Possibly some type of crib cage that a fussy baby wouldn't be able to break by kicking it and things like that.

    Can anyone recommend what types of wood to use? Any good sites or anything out there that does custom furniture? Any ideas for how to make a changing table other than trying to repurpose a dresser and/or folding table?


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    I've created a discrete crib out of wood and it looked pretty good. You can probably build one yourself. Check out my photo album for some pics. I did mine out of 2X4s, 2X6s, and 2X10s.

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