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Thread: Wetting in new places and ways

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    Default Wetting in new places and ways

    Recently I've been able to enjoy diapers at will with my FiancÚ. She has put diapers on me several times now and it has been amazing. I have wet in her company only a few times and been changed afterwards just once, which was amazing. I am sitting right now on the couch watching footy, enjoying the fact I just wet for the first time ever sitting down without moving. My double packed diaper is full and warm!

    Anyone else experienced a first lately in regards to wetting???

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    Last week I was in my car and had a Northshore Pullup on under my clothes and while driving I wet in the car for the first time. So many thoughts went through my head at that time but I can tell you I will definitely do that again!

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    Not recent, but this was back during Hurricane Sandy and it still counts as a first for me.

    I was still living in Salem and working at Target in Danvers. We didn't get hit as badly as New York but we got a fair backhand from the Frankenstorm. After my shift at Target I had to walk in the worst of the driving rain.

    It was freezing and I had to pee. It was a long way to walk with no bathrooms nearby so I let loose in my pants.

    And honestly it is still then only time I wet myself and completely enjoyed the experience. Not just the feeling of letting go but with the rain and the cold, it was like wearing a Jacuzzi. I peed several more times on the way home.

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    A few weeks ago I was at a bar chatting with some out of Towner and wet several times mid conversation. It helped that I had a few beers in me but it was one of the best experiences I have had in a diaper.

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    when mowing the acerage even with a lawn tractor it takes many hours, it is annoying to head back to pee. i just pee as i need, no diaper, just wet cooling jeans all afternoon.

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    I'll wet my pants when doing yard work also, I wet just about any time or place that I have a bit of time to let that fresh dripping look go away before I see someone , have never been caught, When I am riding dirt bikes with friends I'll pee whenever i need to as the mud and water holes cover up the act.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ry821 View Post
    A few weeks ago I was at a bar chatting with some out of Towner and wet several times mid conversation. It helped that I had a few beers in me but it was one of the best experiences I have had in a diaper.
    Thats a risky play Ry, sounds very exciting though. I'd be worried about a cheeky slap on the ass when out in a bar if I was wearing a diaper.

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    I went on a solo trio to an amusement park when I had a day off recently. I wore an Abena M4 the whole time I was there. It wasn't easy for me at the time, but I enjoyed wetting myself while in crowded areas where there are people all around such as waiting in line. Previously I had not been able to wet unless I was in a private area (shy bladder).

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    Went skiing the first time many years ago with two training underwear on and my plastic underpants (bulk is no problem with ski bibs on). Let go a few time in the AM on the slopes and found out by noon I had leaked. I hoped it looked like wet snow on me the rest of the day but I U did have to go use the bathroom right after lunch and keep on my totally soaked trainers / plastic underpants. I was thrilled at being able to let loose on the slopes but that is when I realized adult disposables work better for full soakings.

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    I think the first time I did it outside of my room/house was in college. I sneaked one diaper and went to my morning class. After that a group of friends and I were getting together to study, and I sneaked out for a sec with my backpack to the restroom. I went to the last stall in the restroom (good thing there were no gaps between the door), waited until no one was in the restroom and then put my diaper on. It was a cloth-backed diaper so it wasn't very noisy, but in my mind it was extremely loud. I wet it a bit and then flushed the toilet just in case someone was there, and then went on to study. Can't explain how excited I was that day. I ended up wetting a couple of extra times, but thankfully nothing leaked.

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