Just went to Supply Solutions in Albany. They have a great selection of diapers. Got Fabines and Carousel and BetterDry (of course). Bethany is truly the diaper fairy. Very helpful. Showed me cloth pin-on and velcro diapers, plus a good number of babyish plastic pants. Their onesie collection was to be added to, but there were some cute cupcake and froggie onesies there. They also have tons of single diapers: got Lil Paws, Molicare, Cushies and more. The individual diapers can be pricey, but they're still better to try than find you've bought a case and they don't fit. They also had a large selection of paci's and bottles.
Free stickers and baby powder. You can change diapers in the bathroom and they provide disposal sacks. All the staff was friendly, and they allow you to take your time to get what you want, without feeling awkward. I went home a happy (and freshly diapered) baby!!