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    Default Hiwwa all!

    So, hi there! My name is Mofeta, but you can call me Mofi, shorter and easier. I'm a female striped skunk, from Central Europe. I know, in my region my species is unusual, so here I can be unique 8)

    But I don't want to be unique so much, or a deviant. I like usual things, watching movies, series, animes, reading books. I love the sci-fi, and every what leads me thinking. And sure, I love tales, Disney and Pixar movies, and all of the Studio Ghibli productions ♥

    I always played a cartoon-animal, instead of princess as a child, and this feeling remained when I became older. I'll not tell I'm always was a furry, I don't know it's true or not, and I think every kid wants to be one of the cute animal characters, so I'm not special. Sure I did not know it has a name and a fandom until I found it in the internet.

    That was funny recognition, I'm not alone with my "weird" things. I don't think I had previous life, I don't think I'm a skunk in my soul (more than a phrase), I just think it's easier to express myself in this way, I feel myself close to that anthro behavior, what I imagine for a skunk. I had a skunk plush when I was a toddler, Flower from Bambi, then I got one from Looney Tunes. I felt some sympathy with Pepť Le Pew. Everybody hated him, because of he is a skunk, and everybody hated Penelope too, when they thought she is a skunk. I let you guess, I wasn't a popular kid X3 So when I read I have to choose an animal, to became a furry, it was an easy pic.

    So I'm a striped skunk cub, with dark and light gray fur, and purple hair. Yes, this is my favorite color. I'm so creative!

    About babyfur self, I always had problem with bed wetting, and irl things made it harder and harder. Next to this, my childhood wasn't the calmest and best part of my life, because of family problems, so now I try to bring back my lost childhood a little. For me, much easier to be innocent and silly a little. I'm naive, and too honest, so most of the times I don't have to "play" I'm a toddler.

    I like to play video games, I have PC, so PC games, mostly sandbox and open-ended games, exemple Minecraft, Terraria, Starbound. I don't like the violence in games, so I'm not fan of FPSs, and I'm too clumsy to play MOBAs. i don't like to compete, I'm playing to calm myself.

    I have aphantasia, so I love to build, to make visible the things what I can't imagine as a picture. Because of this, I like to draw, I like if I can make someone happy with my drawing, and I like to be proud of myself, but I don't think I'm a good artist. I need lots of practice, but I think I never be satisfied.

    My music taste is very fluid, and depending on my mood, but I love nightcore, new-age, electro swing, punk, thrash and grunge.

    I have issues to initiate or maintain a conversation, but I'm really stubborn, and I try to be better at this.

    I hope it's enough to get me know, but feel free to ask.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. You wrote a great introduction. It sounds like you have a broad palate in musical tastes. I'm a professional musician so I like a lot of different styles, from classical, to rock, jazz, new age, folk and a lot more. I also like science fiction and scary stories.

    I hope you'll feel comfortable joining in on the many topics. It's a good way to make friends. See you around.

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    Thankie! :3

    I learnt to play on piano, keyboard, and mouth harp, but I'm not good enough, so I'm just a closet musician X3

    Scary stories aren't for me, especially not the horror, but when something is scary, for a reason to make me think, I'll like it... then I'll hide under my blanket all night long >.<

    I try to be friendly, and I hope I'll find friends ^!^

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    Hi, Mofi. Welcome to adisc. I'm from central europe too, Slovakia. It's good to know that not only americans are here

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