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Thread: Swim diapers vs. normal diapers

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    Default Swim diapers vs. normal diapers

    I I was wondering if any of you knew the difference between a swim diaper and a normal one like wouldn't the swim diaper absord all the water or is there something special that keeps the water out?

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    humm no, swim diapers generally just keep the shit from escaping.

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    Swim diapers don't have any padding so they won't absorb much liquid. They are mostly designed to contain solids.

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    Swim diapers don't absorb liquid well as it would make for a very heavy diaper in the end. As said above, it's mainly to keep fecal material from getting out into the water and creating a ruckus in the pool. Basically, use swim diapers in the water and regular diapers out of the water

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    Oh ok that makes sense

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    Adults don't have disposable swim diapers like a baby does. There is ONE brand out there which claims it is, but really is no different than a depends pullup with no sap crystals in it. The reusable swim diapers we do have don't have any absorbent padding in them either, they're only for bowel containment.

    And actually, I've found that most pocket diapers have a thin terry lining they use to create the pocket for added liner pads. When worn without the pad, they are able to hold back just enough pee to get you in or out of the water without leaking all over the place. They work really good for this, AND if you plan to spend a little time sunbathing first you can always start withcthe pad then remove before getting in the water (and/or adding it back in afterwards).

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