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Thread: Wetting while being changed

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    Default Wetting while being changed

    Yesterday my wife was changing me and when she lifted my legs to pull out the wet diaper I started spraying like a fountain. I had no idea of course since I can't feel when I pee, that is until she deflected it back at me. Showered me from belly to face. It's only fair i guess since I squirted her in the face.

    I know this happens with babies but was a first for me. I felt bad be she helped me laugh it off but told me I was a naughty boy.

    Does this happen to anyone else?

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    not since i was around two, i heard stories for years about it. but give me a little more time, im sure things will come around again.

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    Happened to me while I was being changed by my wife several years ago; it was more of a dribble than a stream, but my wife noticed.

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    the closest I got was after being diapered I severely wet it again unintentionally, like the last tape was just put on and I was still laying there, I got a double change out of that and tons of belly tickles by my female "big"

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    You need to sew up some adult sized Peepee Teepees.

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    It happens to me all the time, though I most always just change myself while standing up.

    Just untape the old diaper and lay it open on the floor under you. It will catch and drips and most streams while you put the new diaper on.

    For when I'm lying in bed air drying, or changing, I use a baby diaper to catch anything. It works pretty good too.

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    Not incontinent, but I could dig surprising a caregiver with a mid-change pee. Of course, I own a vulva, so it wouldn't have quite the same impact, but nevertheless...

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    It had happened sometime with me to when I change.

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    it happens to all of us at some point the more i wear the less i feel the need and just go

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