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Thread: diapers and SOs

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    Default diapers and SOs

    I curious if anyone else has experienced this . . . My lady is incredibly supportive and I know 100% that if I asked her to either participate in diaper play or told her about my interests she would be on board and would probably have a lot of fun. But for some reason I'm not really comfortable with the idea of including her in any of my activities. What's up with that? Anyone else experience this?

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    If I had to read your mind from here, it's because we all know that our interest is not exactly mainstream. You know that by involving her you are asking your SO to participate in something that even you have had a hard time accepting about yourself. The opportunity for rejection by someone you deeply care about is something your brain will tend to want to avoid at all costs.

    We all need to give our SOs some credit though, if they love you they will at least try to understand. Even if they don't necessarily enjoy it they will probably participate, some more than others depending on their own sense of adventure. In my own case, I am a daddy, but my wife is not an AB, but she spends a significant part of her life in diapers now (including at work, and yes she uses them). I know she's doing it for me and its because she loves me; and when all is said and done, that's enough to make me happy as a daddy. Do I wish she loved being babied as much as love babying her? Of course, but she and I are deeply in love and I wouldn't trade what we have for anything.

    Just ease them into it and be mindful of the fact that it is a lot for someone new to take in. Honesty and a bit humor probably are the two best ways to feel someone out on it, with humor being the easiest way to leave yourself an escape route, "Kidding! You should have seen the look on your face!". With a past SO I recall sitting on the couch watching TV and a diaper commercial came on and I jokingly said, "Ohh, you'd look cute in those." and after a few wise cracks like that over the course of a week she just said, "You want me to wear diapers don't you?" I said yes, and she did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leakynoodle View Post
    But for some reason I'm not really comfortable with the idea of including her in any of my activities. What's up with that? Anyone else experience this?

    The fact that most of us feel the need to hide our activities shows that, at least on some level, we feel there is something wrong with it. But even if you fully accept it as being ok you are still aware of the possibility of negative social consequences. You don't feel comfortable exposing a loved one to this.

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    I consider this reaction completely normal. I told my wife about my DL life before we got married. She took it very well. So well, in fact, that she wanted to see my entire stash that night and she even taped one on. We now enjoy the diaper fun together. She will wear and use her diaper. I don't think she gets the same level of excitement out of it that I do; nevertheless, it has become an integral part of our sex life. She knows that this is a part of me that I've kept hidden for my entire life until I told her, so she doesn't assume that just because I tape on a diaper that I want to include her in my activities that night. There are some nights that I just want to be left to my own desires; and she accepts it. It is funny though...before I told her about being a DL, all I could think about is how much more exciting it would be if she were part of it. I wanted nothing more than to see her in a wet diaper. Now, I still want to see that; but there are some nights where I just want to be left alone wearing my diaper. If I were to take an attempt at analyzing this behavior, I would have to say it's largely habitual. I spent so many years keeping my diaper wearing hidden that my automatic response when wearing a diaper is to be alone.

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    My husband is 100% supportive of my diaper interests. When I first told him, he even wore one for a couple of hours to better understand how it made me feel. He has even prompted/requested me to wear my diapers from time to time, and gets very excited when I wear around him by my own choice.

    But even with all of that, it still feels weird to me to wear around him sometimes. I think it just takes time to adjust to someone else being involved. It has been a solo and private experience for so long that involving another person goes against that a little. I'm accustomed to no one knowing, so even just one person knowing is a huge step in a way.

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    Thank you all so much for your input! It helps more than you know. When I was just dating around I had no trouble talking about it, and mire often than not the girl was amused/curious/excited. (In fact one girl even called me years later to thank me for exposing her to that and told me that she has kept doing it) but at the time I had no intention of setteling down so if rejection happened it was no big deal. My current lady and I have been together for almost two years and I know she is a keeper. So I dont know if im just afraid of messing something up, or if I've just moved it to a point where its not something I really want to share with someone else.

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    Yes. My SO knows I'm an ABDL/Little and has no problems with it. He's offered to be my daddy before but I feel a quite uncomfortable and paranoid of weirding him out (plus I'm still somewhat getting over a really bad breakup with my previous daddy 4 months ago, having trouble with little space and so on) so I don't ask him to participate and only occasionally use minor things like bottles or pacifiers around him.

    While he has offered to be my caretaker, I believe it's only because he knows it'd make me happy. I really don't want to make him feel like he's forced to take a role against his will so I'm very hesitant and slow to the idea. Sure having a caretaker is great and all but never at the expense of my partner's comfort. I'd rather him come to things naturally rather than do them because he thinks that's what I expect of him.

    I know this was meant to be mainly about DL but I felt this related to the topic

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    I am straight, single, female. It is intensely private and it's how I get a release when NOT in a relationship with a male partner.

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    Same here. My boyfriend has repeatedly told me very firmly that he's totally okay with this, even thinks it's cute, and may even be open to trying it, yet I still just simply cannot wrap my head around that idea and have a very hard time believing it.

    Support is unexpected and this is a natural reaction to it.

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    My wife is very accepting of my being little, wearing diapers, etc. Regardless, I'm still mindful of her sensibilities. I'm still hesitant to push things too far. In my mind, I'd like to be treated more like a toddler, but I know that in her mind, I'm the weight lifter and race car driver she married. On the other side of that is the musician she fell in love with, and she knew I had a history with homosexuality. She has always been a free spirit, but there our limits to that especially as we get older and have built upon who we are by repetition of how we express ourselves.

    Sometimes it's again about striking a balance and knowing how to pace oneself. Time is always on our side, or it usually is. If you suggest new ideas moderately and slowly, it gives your partner a chance to process the new information. Everyone needs that.

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