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Thread: What is the least expensive diaper you would still consider "good"?

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    Default What is the least expensive diaper you would still consider "good"?

    Hello everyone,

    Looking to build up my stash of diapers. Would love to get some Rearz Safari but I simply can't afford to get a decent amount of them. This got me wondering. What is the cheapest diaper you would consider to be decent? I'm not looking for anything super fancy, just something that will work. Ideally looking for something well under $2 each including US shipping. Thanks everyone!

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    Tranquility ATN, or Abena M4 if you can get Plastic Backed. ABU Preschools are good, but only quantifiably cheap if you get them in bulk.

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    I'm not sure about the absolute cheapest, but on Amazon right now you can get a case of Norhtshore Supremes shipped to you for $82.99 (that's $1.38 per diaper total cost), and they're close to as absorbent as you're gonna get, for any price. They are all white, so if you want to dress them up you could get some of that patterned tape and still keep it well below $1.50 each

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    I think the wellness superio are really good and cheap unfortunately no longer available in Australia but if you can find them I think worth it. Tena Slip maxis also good but the new version not quite as good sadly

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    The NorthShore supreme (available either plastic or cloth backed) are very good for the money.

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    ABU diapers are under the $2 per piece when bought in a case.

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    Don't look at it as price per diaper, look at it as price per day.

    Cheaper diapers need to be changed more often, which drives up their cost. In many cases, a more expendive premium diaper will last 2, 3 or even 4 times as long, thereby lowering their individual/overall cost in comparison. Lower and cheaper than even cheap diapers too.

    Try betterdry for example. They break down to $1.60 each, and will last 16+ hours. Compare that to say ATN which costs about $1.00 each but only lasts 2-3 hours each. Multiply that by about 6 changes for the same 16 hours and you'll spend $6.00. Compared to $1.60 for just that one betterdry diaper.

    So if you want a cheap diaper, go premium.

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    There's not going to be any agreement on "good". Lat year I spent some time trying to find a replacement for my daily wear - something that was inexpensive but checked a few boxes. Plastic shell, four tapes, good standing leak guards. I ended up going with TotalDry Plus. They've got issues, but for under a buck a diaper, they're a good deal. (I wear preschool plastic now though, more expensive but hey I'm worth it )

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    Looking at all the options suggested, Totaldry Plus seems to be exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

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    Attends Poly Briefs are an inexpensive and decent diaper. Nothing compared to a high end diaper but for getting the job done when needed, they aren't bad.

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