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Thread: Mental health team know I wear nappies but have been very confidencal about it.

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    Default Mental health team know I wear nappies but have been very confidencal about it.

    I live in housing for people with learning disabilities and we have support staff working here. Last year I was hospitalised as my mental illness flared up again. It was quite a surprise and I didn't have time to tidy my room up, I had three very wet Attends Slips on my bedroom floor and open packets of nappies in plain sight. I was sectioned in hospital so couldn't leave and I new that a member of staff would have to go into my bedroom and collect my clothes. I was anxious because some staff are gossips. I kept telling the hospital staff I don't want anybody going into my bedroom and ring my home and tell the staff they mustn't go into my room.

    When I was seen by the psychiatrist and community nurse whom I have know some time they was very curious as to why I don't want anybody entering my room so very anxiously I told them both I have some used incontinence pads on my floor and they need picking up. The psychiatrist told me is that it? She was thinking it was something serious not as minor as that. I arranged with he community nurse she would go into my room and dispose of the nappies in a black me liner. They never mentioned it again and that made me feel quite good because what I learned is that they think wearing nappies is not a big deal.

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    Lol. "Is that it". See, most any mental health pro that's worth their training all know diapers are no big deal. We worry and stress over them so much it's kind of rediculous (no offense).

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    It's okay bro I'm sure. When working in mental health I'm sure theyve seen everything in there line of work. It is natural you should feel embarrassed about it. I had really bad anxiety and I spoke to a counsellor and told him about my nappy wearing. He didn't seem fazed by it at all and I genuinely felt better for telling him.

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