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Thread: I got my dream job!

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    Default I got my dream job!

    I've applied to an apprenticeship in a daycare in about 3 daycares and what can I say, the 3rd times the charm!

    I feel I've got a purpose now and it's just made my day so much, I get to start on 5th September but I can come in on Wednesdays and Fridays for a couple of hours.

    I never knew this could ever happen to me! But I had a feeling it would...

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    Congrats on your new job and wish you well.

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    I 2 congratulate you on getting your dream job

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    That's fantastic news, and it's obvious from your post just how important and meaningful this is to you. It's wonderful that you have found new purpose in your life, and i'm sure that working with kids will be massively rewarding and fun.

    Best of luck Angelic, and congratulations!

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    Congrats. Working with little kids should be a lot of fun. I think that age is so amazing. You'll be surprised by how much they know and can do.

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    It is amazing, since I can really relate to them, I have an instant connection to them, I understand how they think quite well as well.

    It's funny when I went into the preschool room, I was outside with them and I was playing chase with half the class!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I did tell the staff what I was doing so they didn't get the wrong idea of me

    - - - Updated - - -

    It's rewarding seeing them learn something new and seeing them smile knowing that you did that

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