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Thread: Nessie pooltoy idea

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    Default Nessie pooltoy idea

    i'd say this is more of the scaile/furry in me but I'm trying to get this idea out there to judge interest and get thoughts on it.

    As It says it has been an idea I have wanted to make for along time since i found out that i'm not the only inflatable fan out there!

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    You have to have an account to see it. Can you post the picture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    You have to have an account to see it. Can you post the picture?
    I changed the settings so you should be able to see it without an account since I can't upload pics from ipad for some reason.Thanks for letting me know!

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    Cool, thanks. I'd suggest making it narrower and longer with at least three distinctive humps. Like how nessie is supoosed to be. Clear sounds about right too, difficult to spot.

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    Thanks for the input! I actually never thought that she should be the iconic shape and I will admit that I'm too attached to my design to change it. I'm intrigued on making it though and then saying my design is her mom!

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