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Thread: Aspergers

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    Lightbulb Aspergers

    I was looking around this topic called (credit to JamesArmes) and was shocked to find that about 3 posts for every page was about a person with Asperger's disorder. I have Aspergers and for me it is in my control an i just live in my daily life. Since it is now like 3 or 4 for every 1000 people with Aspergers, I created this post just to see the situation with Aspergers and *b/dlism and ask a few questions:

    1. Do you have Aspergers?

    2. If Yes, are you in control of your Aspergers?

    3. If Yes or No, do you see a common pattern with Aspergers and *b/dlism?

    I am aware that there have been such common topics about autism and *b/dlism in the past but I checked and they are all closed. i just made this topic to see a mature and convincing conversation about it.

    For anybody who doesn't know, Aspergers is a mild form of autism. It is a disorder where social and mental aspects of a person are affected. Many people with aspergers usually tend to be very smart and very attached to one or more topics (football and rap for me). Aspergers today can be found in about 1 in 334 people and many people with Aspergers live successful lives (such as the guy who created Pokemon).

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    I don't have Aspergers, but we have a couple of kids with it at the Junior High school where I work. One seems more extreme to me than the other, but they're both very nice kids. I see the one every day, and I talk to him each day. For a long time he wouldn't talk back to me, but now he does, as I think I've gained his trust. His mom does a lot of volunteer work at the school. I think she wants to stay close to him, but for what ever reason, it seems to work. Both of these students are very bright, and I like both of them.

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    My brother has it. He is eleven and he acts about half his age. Babysitting him is a unique experience. All of his life he has been in catholic school with the same children. Everyone seems to accept him there. He does act quite differant. As he reaches the higher grade levels his test scores are beggening to plummet. He does not partake in classwork and his mind tends to wander. There is no special education program at the catholic middle school and were unsure about what to do with him. Although there may be a great sped system in the public school, the kids there are assholes(i went public for two years and transferred out). He acts far more differant then i did upon entering public middle school; it is a stretch of the imagination that he will be accepted there. So what do you do? let his grades suffer...or let them exell but in a rougher social surrounding

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    I have it and I went years not knowing I had it. I was not diagnosed until 2004, but was aware of it through my aunt who is a special ed teacher and a friend of mine online. So I got diagnosed Nov, 2004, and I was glad to be able to understand things better. It has led to me being happier in my life.

    I have held my job down for four years, and I do more with my life. I think the Asperger's diagnosis has helped me out ten-fold. I only wish I had been diagnosed as a teen but they were not really aware of it in the early 1990s.

    As for me, I had a tough time fitting in socially as a kid, and I had a hard time handling things back then. Now, as I've gotten older, I can handle myself better.


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    No, I do not have Asperger's, but I have experience with kids who have a more severe form of Asperger's which nears the high-functionality/social side of Autism. I have not recognized any pattern, at least on ADISC, I think it may just be a coincidence.

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    I have it. I can hold down a job, take care of myself, drive, go to places on my own. I'm normal. I am pretty personal about my label so I don't really go around broadcasting it because it's just a word. I don't see people with diabetes broadcasting their disease, or people who wear glasses broadcasting they wear them. It's only appropriate in situations like this but I don't need to go into detail about how my condition effects me because that is not what this is about.

    It seems like lot of people have it in the AB/DL community. It's the pattern I see. To say it is fake is just pathetic because it be like me saying other conditions people have here are fake just because lot of people here have them. AD/HD seems common, emotional issues, learning disabilities, etc.

    I don't see myself as disabled. If people ask me if I am, I would say "No."

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    1. No.

    2. See above

    3. I see a pattern of aspergers and internet users in general. I don't know if there's just a lot of people with aspergers on the internet or what. I think there's a lot of people out there in internet land that tend to (mis) diagnose themselves. They'll look something up on the internet, read the symptoms, and go "Yep, I have that." Aspergers is probably no different. A person who has no social skills whatsoever might just diagnose themselves with aspergers because then it means it isn't their fault; they have a reason for not being social in the real world and it acts as a security blanket for them. It's kind of silly because when every second person claims to have it it lowers the severity of that form of autism and then people don't take it as seriously.

    So, do I think most *B/DLs have aspergers? No. I think growing up knowing we are different from everyone else (fetish for diapers/emotional attraction to baby objects) isolates us from a lot of the people around us. Lets be real; this hobby we all partake in is harmless, but we all know we will never be accepted by the general public. So that isolation grows into a social dysfunction, and that's why a lot of *B/DLs are nerds/geeks/what-have-you. And as I said earlier, it's easier to blame all your social problems on an incurable disorder than to man up to them and understand that it is, actually, your fault.

    That's not true for everyone though. I'm pretty sure there are many on this site with "normal" social lives. There are also many willing to take responsibility for their own problems.

    of course, I could also be entirely wrong. I'm not a psychologist, so I don't know. Maybe *B/DLism is just a by product of autism. People with autism often get overloaded by their senses, so maybe they have a need to go back to a time when life was simpler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    I'm professionally diagnosed.
    Yes, and obviously my whole post excludes those who have been profesionaly diagnosed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillhouse View Post
    I agree 100% with this post.

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