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    so im getting goodnites l/xl and was wondering if there was a difference between the girls and boys because since im a boy i was thinking about getting girls to make it less strange when i buy them

    and also i have some baby diapers that dont fit me that i was wondering if i could use them as soakers since they are designed for babies about one year old and if i have to modify them to use as soakers

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    The only difference is the targeted absorb zones, but for a grown boy the girls should work for that

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    The absorb zones and the designs are what separate them. And baby diapers should work for extra absorbency. I've stuffed my Goodnites with store-brand training pants.

    And also, may I just add that I get the boys ones and I don't care if cashiers think I'm a bedwetter. They don't ask, so they could be thinking anything.

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    I always wear the girl Goodnites because they look more babyish than the boys. Since we're bigger boys, if you're pointing down, the girl's will probably work better. They work well for me.

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    I wouldn't recommend using soakers with goodnites, but if you do use them make sure you cut slits into the back of the baby diaper and that it fits between the leak guards.

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    Well there are a lot of people I know at the Kroger

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    Thank you all for the help

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    Take the baby diapers, cut the sides off, but don't open up the pad or kill the leakguards. Poke completely through the diaper with a knife ten to twenty times. Heck, I use this trick to be able to wear goodnites.

    There are two other options: If you are at Kroger, get the Kroger brand Nite Pants -- they are Kimberly Clark 2012 white goodnites. They should have evenly distributed padding. Also, KC makes a unisex goodnite for Family Dollar, and that has a uniform padding thickness.

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