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Thread: public accidents that are hard to hide.

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    Default public accidents that are hard to hide.

    Typical Sunday morning for me. I started with a kayak run around the lake then a change and into the shower. I hoped my bowels were emtpy enough to attend morning mass without a massive bowel accident. It's a warm morning so I went with Confi-dry 24/7 with a booster, plastic pants and athletic compression shorts under baggy kahki shorts and a golf shirt with tails worn out. I always use Desitin ointment (zinc oxide) and Nullo deoderant pills. You would think that with all the precautions I take I woud be safe from exposure with even the largest of BM's. I do take 3 to 5 doses of a bulk producing fiber supplement (Metamucil) to keep stool solid otherwise I'm prone to very loose (and very uncomfortable) stool. As a consequence of all that fiber I no longer have loose BM's but it has increased frequency and volume. I was confident though, that I could go to mass without a BM. Halfway up the isle for communion, I felt an extremely strong urge followed by an involuntary contrtraction and began filling my diaper with an unusually large BM. It was shockingly enormous and seemed to go on forever. Even with clothes I wear I can usually remain "stealth." But this BM was so volumace that the bulge was anything but noticable. Even with the compression pants I could feel my diapers sag under the weight and load and it had to be obvious to those behind me that I had had a massive bowel accident. I calmly proceed in line, received communion and returned to my seat. Between the Nullo and plastic pants I remained odor free but sitting down on a hard church seat the mess went everywhere. (uh, so gross.)There was nothing I could do but endure the mess in my diaper. When mass was over I tried to walk home with as much confidence as I could. Near impossible with the load continuing to spread with every step I took. But I've always believed if you acted calmly it would appear like nothing had happened. When I returned home I felt so defeated. I went through an horrific clean-up, shower and change. I was exhausted by the ordeal and wondered if there might have been anything else I could have done to prevent this short of taking a large dose of Imodium and wearing a tight fitting adult onesie? I just don't know anymore. But I was so embarressed by the noticable accident. Is there anything else I could have done?
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    Don't beat yourself up over this. You probably were better prepared than 90% of fecal incontinents in similar circumstances.

    I really feel for you as I am double incontinent. Yes, it can be emotionally exhausting but you did everything right. Sometimes an accident can just happen despite our preparations.

    If I were in your place, I probably would not have returned to my pew and sat down as that risks an outright forceable leakage of stool out of your diaper and plastic pants and down your trousers.

    Jack, there is not much more you could have done. With too much Metamucil and even Imodium you risk constipation causing "overflow diarrhea." Could that be what happened this time?

    Two suggestions (NOTE: this is TMI unless the reader is Fecal Incontinent): perform digital stimulation every morning in order to prompt a bowel movement before you put on your diaper to leave the house. Try to empty the rectum as naturally as possible. My next suggestion is more controversial but also more effective. Use preventive enemas to manage your fecal incontinence.

    These enemas also are called preemptive enemas, retrograde irrigation, or Trans-Anal Irrigation. Enemas are back to being considered a standard therapy to manage fecal incontinence after diet, exercise, fiber, and laxatives. However, your doctor may not know much about this topic. With the approval of multiple doctors, this is what I do every morning - old fashioned or traditional soapsuds ands saline enemas, not the chemical Fleets. A hanging red rubber bag with a soapsuds enema (with small amounts of mild Castile soap) will be very effective. Afterward I don't worry about having a fecal accident until the following day. You could start out without the soap. I follow a soapsuds enema with a second "rinse" enema of plain saline (salt water). I would rather do this in the comfort and privacy of my home, and at a time of my own choosing, than poop my diaper in public. Is it effective - extremely so. I just went 7 weeks without a bowel accident. However, check with your doctor to be sure that you have no conditions that would contraindicate using an enema in this manner. If you want to know more, send me a PM or post a message here and I will provide you a link to my white paper on the use of traditional enemas to mange fecal incontinence. I will be glad to answer anyone's serious questions.

    (double incontinent and wearing 24/7)

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    Must ... resist ... urge ... to make ... what do religion & your diaper have in common ... comment

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    I go to church almost daily. I was raised Catholic so it's just part of who I am as a person. I went to Catholic schools my whole life, including college at De Paul.It's just something I started doing after I retired. (sold my business at 55 and said enough was enough.) There is no connection between my IC and going to daily mass. I just happen to be bowel and bladder IC and I also go to daily mass. Both completely unrelated except when I have an accident when at mass. The only real connection between the two is location. I have 4 or more BM's a day so it's a pretty normal thing for me to have BM accidents just about anywhere. Shopping, at the library, golfing, in resturants or even when out on my boat or kayaking. Having one at church has happened before. Just not one so big and unexpected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildBlueCrinkle View Post
    Must ... resist ... urge ... to make ... what do religion & your diaper have in common ... comment
    Lol, I get it. Actually I keep thinking he's going to mess, not mass.

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