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Thread: kiwi farm Angellothefox's profile and my comments Part 1

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    Post kiwi farm Angellothefox's profile and my comments Part 1


    Hello it is me Angellothefox and I am writing about what I found when I went on to duckduckgo a search engine that dose not spy on you unlike google dose. What I found is this site called Kiwi Farm and a profile that someone put together.

    I am not going to give you the links because I do not want to break any of the rules and I apologise if I have. Since the link is on they is no way that mods or admins can check without signing up to the account.

    This will be separated into 2 parts the first looking at what they have put and talking about it the second commenting on the comments and giving my reaction. So now they will know when this comes up and they may even start to chat about it!
    OK let's start.

    The first thing is that really interests me is they have got pictures and images from so for someone to get those they would have to be logged in and have a full account.

    So let us begin.
    So this looks like a thread the way it is laid out so this is what the dude gives about the information
    “Angello the Fox is a diaperfur artist who has done all sorts of media on the web. Many furries have difficulty containing their furtism, however there are a number of things that make Angello unique. One is that Angello seems to be easily triggered (actually believes video games actively troll him). His participation on message board, seen below, are a great example. Angello also likes to delineate between himself and his fursona in media. He has videos where he will place himself and his fursona (the GTA let's play is an example of this). His artwork is also particularly lolworthy. He takes the approach of placing his characters in real-life pictures. And last, he appears to be going tranny. He refers to Angello as a "femboy" and is doing pictures of Angello "crossdressing". Angello the Fox is a fun treat and a unique character among unique characters. Hope you enjoy!”

    "Angello the Fox is a diaperfur artist who has done all sorts of media on the web."
    Yup that is true![email protected]

    "Many furries have difficulty containing their furtism, however there are a number of things that make Angello unique."
    Hang on furtism where is this going?

    "One is that Angello seems to be easily triggered (actually believes video games actively troll him)."
    Wait what! If they are on about my top 10 trolling games that was me without the fursuit and I much prefer to be called Ethelred Flametail or Aleister.

    "His participation on message board, seen below, are a great example."
    Oh yes I did ask people what games troll them on furaffinity. Crash Bash was one of them for me.

    "Angello also likes to delineate between himself and his fursona in media. He has videos where he will place himself and his fursona (the GTA let's play is an example of this)."
    Again when I am out of fursuit and not on sites like FA, Weayle, Babyfur.Me, ADISC I am known as Aleister or YouTube terms EthelredFlametail.

    "His artwork is also particularly lolworthy."
    Well at lest it isn't bad some of my comics with me and Crystal Fire are a little Laugh Out Loude worthy.

    "He takes the approach of placing his characters in real-life pictures."
    Yupe that happens but a lot of furs love it.
    "And last, he appears to be going tranny."
    Someone has been looking at my FA pictures haven't they. I like wearing make up and nail vanish. I even have some bows that I can attach to my heir.

    "He refers to Angello as a "femboy" and is doing pictures of Angello "crossdressing"."
    Me and Angello my fursona we are femboys in training. I and maybe my fursona is still learning how to be a femboy. After getting into quite a bit of trouble with the staff it seems to have cooled down now but you can still do it to students!

    "Angello the Fox is a fun treat and a unique character among unique characters. Hope you enjoy!"
    Awww that is sweet thank you.

    So what they have got right they have got the fact that I make loads of media correct that I play with my fursona correct.
    Though I am not called Angello 24/7. Other sites such as YouTube and Google+ for example I am known as Ethelred Flametail and how me and my fursona behaves are slightly different from each other.

    The next they look at my YouTube channel and links will be there to the videos he has featured. But not on my blog as before I am keeping it to a PG-13 and trying to be careful.

    New york bagle RANT!
    "Buttmad about bagels"
    I think your thinking about Luigi.

    "Pretending to move"
    I am moving

    Hay I did move I went from YouTube to the felly new dailymotion they is even a link in the description. I still use YouTube for odd video game reviews and other stuff like furries and furries and furry. But I have big plans for other videos they are just um small once. I know what I am talking about.

    "Furry convention"
    2016 Aleister furry Documentary
    Furry documentary actually.

    "On Omegle"
    Angellothefox gose on Omegle TEXT

    Haven't you noticed that more people like to comment on my stuff outside of YouTube rather then on YouTube itself. This video got 2 comments.

    "Him and his fursona playing GTA together"
    Angellothefox and Ethelred play GTA gay tony
    That one was a blast!
    So now they have explored the nonsense of my YouTube channel next they will be looking at other media that I use.

    Angello the Fox is the fursona of Alestair. He is a blue fox who will sometimes appear in videos along with Alestair. Angello the Fox discusses becoming a furry at length here"


    The other link I am not going to give you because basically it is the same stuff but a screen capture of it. Your basically better off going to FA link for how I became Angellothefox.
    How I got into the furry fandom the part I do not discus I joined a group called forced diaperfurs and I had no idea what a furry was. I soon got dragged off of their by my lovely mother at did not like me joining a abdl group. And I drew cartoon kids diapered Seriously I did not know that was BAD! Now I draw babyfurs in diapers because I can get away with that and Adults furries tied up in diapers. Apart from that little bit at was left out that is how I became a furry.

    Then he has a Spoiler fear where I am sitting down with my legs out with PJ's on at Wales they is really nothing to be worried about with that picture they is far more worse out their and furries isn't one of them.

    Now we get onto this site
    Again somefur must have got access to this because you have to sign up and log in and then you have to wait for a A OK!
    He put a link to my profile

    This is just basically my profile what my likes are and what my dislikes are here are some highlights
    1. I am pretty scared of doing this what with my Kin/Family member.
    2. First I am a adult sorry for justifying it.
    3. Favorite games: GTA series, Saint row series, LittleBIGplannet (because who dose not like creating there own levels)
    4. Which country you live?: Earth.
    Seriously: Fine UK.
    5. What are you you know babyfur diaperfur?: ABDL actually I consider myself a Adult babyfur Which on this site is a Babyfur (ABDL) Since Diaperfurs (DL) just wear diapers according to this site.

    Then they have another Spoiler button saying Spoiler waning diaper cartoon fox and it has all the pictures you can see on website. Though the first picture is of Angellothefox on a swing in a park. Admittedly it is a baby swing but where is my diaper! XD!

    "Choose your own adventure"
    They was not that much said on this but I do like doing choose your own adventures it means they is a endless of possibilities. Maybe we will see another thread on here next time consisting of my strange choose your own adventure stories.

    "Becoming a Tranny(?)
    In some recent pictures Angello the Fox has expressed that he is a femboy. This is evident in both actual pictures and drawings."
    Again Femboy in training! I think I managed to shock the user because he has a (?) as if they was not expecting to find me in drag.
    They is another Spoiler button at will show you various pictures of my cross dressing on FA the button is ladled Spoiler Tranny pics.
    Although one of the pictures featured me in the Angello fursuit with men underpants on?
    Again another out of place picture. LOL! I am surprised they did not put it under the babyfur section of mistake as a diaper XD!!!

    Angello the Fox's artwork is unique. It is done similar to the way that [Some other artist] will do her art. The characters are outside in the physical world."
    I do not know who he is but I may have to check him out he maybe another diaperfur?

    Under the Spoiler Examples of his work they have four of my pictures from FA all feture cartoon furries IRL. It is a little odd that they would also show yet another picture out of place which is the now closed free art commission YCH!

    "Furries and Bronies Blog
    Angello the Fox is not only a furry, but he is also a brony. He even has a blogspot that goes by the name "Furries and Bronies".
    Furriesandbronies wordpress
    I do not know why they put my website down it contains little to yet no abdl content.

    Then they is a spoiler picture at says Spoiler I feel bad for his friend.
    When clicking you will see a picture of one of my Tshirt designs did this person read my tittle?
    But it is not over yet he made a follow up thread which is attached to this one.

    So maybe he ran out of things on his thread. so lets dive into this deeper.

    "Bizarre sperging about talking to underage furries."
    furriesandbronies this is a waning to both adults and kids

    And the other link I am not showing you since it is the same yet again (I also stated that I am not showing links) but on that screen shot website.
    They also has two spoilers the one is just hallerious that the fact at they probably copied and pasted it without reading the rest of the artical and the other is this the artical that I posted under Spoiler BLOCK THEM IMMEDIANTLY!

    This artical just go's on about what to do if a under aged person says they love you and visa versa.
    I think it is very helpfull for those adults/kids furries/bronies/both to know what to do in those situations.

    Block them Immediantly might be a hit at me or it might be making fun of the fact that I did in capital letters put IMMINENTLY BLOCK THEM WITHOUT HESITATION! and I do say block them a lot. Hmm you decide.
    "Being a furry in the ghetto"
    furriesandbronies incorrect neighbourhoode state guidelines

    This is a been a furry in a politicly incorrect neighbourhood/council estate.
    This talks about how to keep yourself safe in a politically incorrect neighbourhood/council estate. Most of them the are probably stuff you already know but at least it gives you information and informs you on how to behave and how not to behave in a politically incorrect neighbourhood/council estate. They do mention babyfurs/diaperfur on no.9
    Then in Spoilers they are some art at has no regards to the topic at was discussed on the furries and bronies website.

    Next they check out some sweet furaffinity action XD So yes they found my FA page and some journals. They will even be exploring some Furaffinity forum stuff so lets get giggy with it! haha!

    So the all the spolirs including Spoiler 50 Questions Spoiler Archives of artwork and Spoiler Journal Archives. So finally they seen enough and see what I had on my forms.

    "FurAffinity Forums"
    "First post"
    Even though I can not see the post the picture is still there on the profile kiwi farm website.
    furaffinity forum threadshello i am angellothefox

    "Angello the Fox has also been active on the FurAffinity forums. His OPs are great, but the mods tend to lock his threads. He started one on why it is uncool for hackers to hack furries and another asking if he should join a babyfur website."
    furaffinity forum thread haters anti furries so cut it out.

    I could see why the Mods would lock the thread at says why it is uncool for hackers to hack furries or Furaffinity since it was the case. Because after that event you would not want to give people other ideas and have another hacking crisis on your hands. So people can not reply. Still do not hack furaffinity it is not cool!

    They is 2 Spoiler buttons which are
    Spoiler Just salt my s**t up which is the time FA got hacked and we all had to change our passwords on the site. Although better security did happen. But I unintentionally gave the haters or trolls what they wanted. It is like when you play GTA it is always a treat to listen to the news and hear what you have done in the mission on the radio and in mission TV cutscene.

    Spoiler Should I join a babyfur site? Which was me questioning weather I should go on a babyfur or a abdl site since I wanted to talk and make posts on those sites and not feel left out. The this is what it is called sorry that I forgot to put that furaffinity forum threads should i join a babyfur diaperfur abdl site
    "Has been literally trolled by video games"
    furaffinity forum thread has anyfurry anyone been trolled by a video game

    They do just ask some of the comment's
    "Dumb enough to format his HDD; Dumb enough to not know how to format his HDD"
    furaffinity forum thread has spoiled my hardrive

    That was a sad day for me. :'( But luckily I got (most) of it back and it did not cost too much! This could happen to anyone. not just me.

    "He also writes a dissertation arguing on whether or not to get a pacifier."
    furaffinity forum thread abdl babyfur should i get myself a pacifier

    Too late already got one infect I got 5. Check out Angello's Paci collection.
    "The Magic of RP!! (The mods shut this down in a hurry)"
    furaffinity forum threadwaning role play discussion the magic of rp

    It is really not good when you focus on how quick a moderator can shut down a post.
    "Another RP thread the mods cut down"
    furanfinity forum threadwaning contains violence my 3 sploder games

    Er.. They are not RP they are physical games at was made on sploder.

    "Other Links"
    That they have used.
    inkbunny "Basically same art as FurAffinity"
    weasyl "Similar to FurAffinity"
    Yeah so basically I do have more then 1 place to put my art
    imgur "Comments on s**t"
    a google+ post? "Google+"
    I do comment on a lot of smith on Imgur and I do not act like my fursona what so ever but I do try (Sometimes)
    And google+ is Google+ sometimes I muster up the carege to post a abdl/babyfur/diaperfur topic. Othertimes it is not but it only happens sometimes which is great and dose not stear away from the youtube videos I perduce.
    So they have two Spoilers
    Spoiler Weaysle Archives
    Basically that screen capturing website and.
    Spoiler Angellothefox with a Autism flag. And that was enough to doom a community of people thinking that all furries was autistic.

    So what do I think of this is it is OK. HAY it could have been a whole lot worse I could have had a ten year old on YouTube screeming into a microphone.
    Or the post could have had a bunch of swear words and d d d at every other sentence at was not a swear word.
    So yeah! Stick with me for the second part which *Sigh* I will have to do it at the weekend now!

    Origanal post January 15th
    I may have posted this last time but I can not see the post.
    I have also tried to put this as a blog but unfortunatly they are too many words for it to be a blog. My appologies if the blog or post still exists.

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