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    So I like d/s and bondage.

    I like the idea of a harmless experience like being willing to try wearing diapers shaping how empathetic you are able to be with others.

    I don't have any inhibitions about picking up diapers from the store in front of strangers, but I definitely would never let it affect friends, relationships or lifestyle for that matter.

    It's people's own loss if they over-react, but I'm going to take precautions so they never have to know unless they ask for really kinky, and even though I think it can have comforting meditative qualities, I don't want to let that get in the way of fitness, reading, work or activism.

    So I'd be interested to discuss with anyone else who ties these desires into an existentialist or Jungian philosophy like me or otherwise wants to talk life. But yeah too 'bratty' for the roleplay stuff, you'd have to beat me in a fight to get me to submit or otherwise trick me into physical restraints, and no interest the other way round, sorry.

    Will post snippets of old articles to the forum for discussion from time to time, starting with:

    Intro Regression and Moral Development by NomadSage

    In a world (in which) more members of this lifestyle could be ‘out’ the closet of shame, what would our new role in this world be, what would that world look like? And what would be our place in a new accepting world be? And how would it look at us?
    . . .
    Even though I’m just a diaper lover, I don’t identify as an adult baby, when I put on a diaper, when I use a diaper, there is a very strong regressive component, going back to the childlike state, surrendering the ability to go to the bathroom as an adult, which is you know something we learn pretty young, so it’s almost like going back to this very ego-centric world.
    . . .
    While normal in children. it’s not normal in adults, now obviously it’s not like I inhabit this world 24-7. So later on, let’s say I’m contemplating this, It’s interesting that I get off on going to this lower space, or at least an element of this lower state, even if I’m not pretending to be a baby, I’m just using a diaper, why is that? Why is that a taboo with other people? Why does this not fit into their’ worldview, what does that mean about their culture and the way I perceive culture? I don’t have an answer but the fact that I’m even thinking these thoughts at all is made possible by the fact that I’m regressing, because if I just fit into the world as it was, I may not be thinking those thoughts, so in a weird way, the regression of acting out on those impulses to wear diapers, facilitate this transcendent growth, where I can think about culture more objectively, think about the world more objectively, think about how these parts may fit together, even if I don’t get any answers to these questions, the very fact that I’m thinking these thoughts at all are made possible by regressing.
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    Hi Zeroni,
    welcome to the group. It sounds to me that you don't fit into the normal member type for Adisc, although there is nothing wrong with that. You might want to check out the link at the top of the page called ADISC Intro, Rules & Tips, so you are aware of what can and cannot be said.

    As for wanting to experience wearing a nappy, there is nothing wrong with that, it's how a lot of people get started, simply make sure you know what size your waist and hips are and then find either a retail outlet or online supplier.

    If it's just as a one off I will add a list to the bottom this showing companies in the US that provide free or cheap samples of their adult IC wear.

    You may of course decide you want to try using one for their intended purpose, in which case I suggest you start with just wetting them. Some dl's like to mess/soil their nappies as well, but that leaves you the problem of clean up and disposal.

    whatever you decide I wish you luck with your experiences.

    For seek.txt

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post
    Hi Zeroni,
    welcome to the group. It sounds to me that you don't fit into the normal member type for Adisc, although there is nothing wrong with that. You might want to check out the link at the top of the page called ADISC Intro, Rules & Tips, so you are aware of what can and cannot be said.
    Thank you PCBaby, it's a nice constitution, PG13, inclusive to AB, DL, IC, furries and friends, will try best to live by it, happy to be picked up where I go wrong also. Maybe I could have rephrased restraint to more PG friendly loss of control in relationship.

    Anyhoo, I meant to explain I had gotten diapers from the store and enjoyed the feel and primal wetting. But I draw a distinction between that kind of solo expereminting with sub-spaces and being productive in my life, so in that way I don't feel a need I guess, but it's something I'm really happy about having experienced and would do again. Whereas someone like Riley it's more apart of their being in order to feel comfortable and be productive. As well as the public/private, solo/relationship role-play distinctions, all interesting lines in the sand to discuss.

    So just the being willing to experiment with this, I think it's a window into what society decides is 'other' and shuns for being weak, by engaging in the praxis of community building you shine a light back on what the biopolitical project is missing.

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    Hi and welcome again. I think that given our entire membership, we express regression differently, some only liking the diaper aspect and others enjoying regression and identifying with baby objects, etc. In the big picture, it really doesn't matter. We're a wide spectrum of desires associated with wearing diapers. As for bondage, we have some members who are into that as well.

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