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Thread: Has anyone ever gotten a friend or relative to try diapers?

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    Question Has anyone ever gotten a friend or relative to try diapers?

    Just wondering, Has anyone ever gotten a friend or relative to try diapers? If so what was their expirence? Or Does anyone have any friends or relatives that enjoys diapers like a lot of us on here do? Just wondering, Or has most of us had enjoy our hobby by ourselfs? I wish I had someone to share this hobby with but I dont :/

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    I really wish I had a friend who would enjoy wearing diapers. I just told my best friend yesterday that I'm a DL and he suggested that wecould talk about it when he has time and maybe I can ask him if he wants to try it...

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    I kind of wish that i wanted too. For me, diapers are a kink which i could never associate with my buddies or family member. Even wearing a diaper around my friends or family would be off-putting. I keep them for alone time or wearing around my lady friend/out in public or to class sometimes.

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    I got an old boyfriend to put one on and pee in it. That was 12 years ago.

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    I once told an online friend that if he came to visit me I would share my diapers. He said he'd had a friend in the past who was into it and got him to try one on, but it only made him feel awkward/embarrassed/whatever.

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    I have a childhood friend who I still keep in touch with who knows about my secret. I told it to him while I was padded and he was in the house while I was home alone. The reaction of me telling him after all these years was not expected at all. He accepted it well enough and he was sworn not to tell anyone else. Anyway, he expressed curiosity in wanting to know what they felt like and so since I had some diapers lying around I started with giving him a pull-up to try out. He liked it, but due to his shy bladder, he could not wet the pull-up no matter how many methods we tried. By the way, his shy bladder was shier than mine when I first started wearing for my desires so that could have been part of the problem. After trying multiple times during a single week, we stopped and dropped the subject from our conversation.

    I resumed the conversation with him recently and he is no longer interested, however he understands that I have this desire and that is who I am so he will not tell anyone.

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    I've gotten my wife to wear a diaper for me a few times. She even tried wetting it once, but couldn't get herself to do it. Overall she "kinda" like to wear a diaper, but only once in a great while. She does not like the idea of being wet in a diaper though.

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    My wife tried one on when I told her about my diaper desires. She wanted to see if she could understand better why I liked them. She took it off about 2 minutes later saying it felt terrible, like wearing an oversized pad and she didn't enjoy it at all. The next day, she flipped out and told me I need help.

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    My ex was quite happy to wear for many years before our daughter was born, at which point she suddenly decided that it was wrong (for both of us).

    We used to regularly enjoy sexual play with wetting, but she didn't really "get" the baby stuff beyond that.

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    I got two of my friends to wear them AND wet them. This was when i was like 16 or 17 and was extremely stupid but i got the results i wanted (my two hot friends in wet diapers). being the cool kids we were we went and TP'd some houses from time to time but after a while that got booring. So i came up with the "shitstorm 5000" basically where we would take a diaper and add liquid marshmellows, chocolate syrup, and nuts mixed to look like poop into the diaper. We would then TP the house and set said diaper somewhere like the front porch or on the window of a car, sticky goo facing up cuz we wernt trying to damage anything. Once i got my friends used to diapers being involved in our "festivities" as we called them i wanted to take em up a notch. So i told them that we should pee in the diapers and get them to the point where they are almost ready to burst so that we could throw them and watch them explode on the poor persons house. I told them i had done it before with previous friends (lies) and that it totally worked great and that you had to wear the diaper, and wet it in order to really get the best results. Of course they didnt wear the diapers at first but instead decided to pee onto in in my backyard which didnt work well at all. But after a few times they realized wearing and wetting really was the best way they decided to give it a try. So i diaper up first, my other friend diapers up second, and then my other friend diapers up last and he couldnt seem to get it right so he asked me for help. So tehre he was lying on the floor with a diaper half covering his junk. I helped him get diaperd up, gave him a pat on the butt and called him my good little boy HHAHAHA.

    Anyway... long story short we were caught by the cops not long after and thats how my parents found out about the whole diaper thing....Looking back it was messed up but im still amazed i got them to wear diapers, yet alone wet them.

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