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Thread: Too comfortable in my diapers?

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    Default Too comfortable in my diapers?

    I get woken up this morning at 7:15 by my dog who has to go to outside, half asleep I climb out of bed and walk to the back door to let her out. I stand there leaning on the door frame with my eyes closed waiting for her to come in when I hear her start to bark/yelp in one of those barks that indicates she's afraid or in trouble....I quickly open the door and rush out to see what's going on. Rushing over I see she has jumped up on the fence and has gotten her left front paw stuck. I carefully unhook her paw and give her a couple "its okay strokes". As she happily runs to the house I stand up and then it hits me....It's broad daylight and I'm standing by the chain link fence in my back yard looking at my neighbors houses and one of my older neighbors who's out watering her flowers.....while I'm wearing nothing but a Rearz Safari diaper and a Michigan State T-shirt...

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    About 25 years ago, I was sound asleep in a wet prefold and bright yellow 'Rubber Duckie' plastic pants. There was an early morning house fire two doors down and I awoke with a start, then rushed outside wearing only the diaper and a t-shirt. An older neighbor down the street came walking towards me. She looked at my plastic pants, smiled and said, "Maybe you should go put some clothes on."

    Other than the neighbor, everyone was apparently concentrating on the fire. No one else noticed - or, at least, said anything - for which I was very grateful.

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    Hee... I can see the risk!

    I don't wear 24/7 but I've been sleeping padded for the last few weeks now, and when I wake up I'm really loathe to take them off precisely because they're too comfortable! ^^;;

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    AdorableRabbit, I am also loathe to take off my wet diaper in the morning for the exact same reason, they are so damn comfy.
    I too have a dog and sometimes she wakes me up needing to go out. I also stand by the door to make sure she's OK. We have a stockade fence around our yard and only one neighbor might see something if they happened to be looking out the right window at the right time. Still, I usually have on shorty PJ pants over my diapers so if I do need to run out I'm not exposed.

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    This is why I wear a nightshirt which goes below my diaper. I walk the dog every morning in diaper and nightshirt, at least in the summer.

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    I know whatchu mean. In the words of my girlfriend "its like wearing a hug".

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    I was in a hotel when the fire alarm went off at 2am. I quickly put a pair of pants over my diaper. I don't think any of my colleagues noticed outside the hotel thankfully.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PyjamaBaby View Post
    I was in a hotel when the fire alarm went off at 2am. I quickly put a pair of pants over my diaper. I don't think any of my colleagues noticed outside the hotel thankfully.
    While on the go, bathrobe FTW. Also with the open bottom, gives your diaper a skirt-like exposure/freedom. Lots of advantages to bathrobes in the morning while diapered.

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    I have become increasingly comfortable with wearing diapers. When I wear I usually walk around the house wearing nothing but the diaper and a shirt. I live in a subdivision and spend most of my time in the living room, which faces the road. I used to close the blinds to the three street facing windows, but I no longer do. My diaper peaks out of the bottom of the shirt, but I think it would be tough for someone from the street to discern I'm wearing a diaper. Also, at night I will walk around my backyard that has a privacy fence, wearing nothing but a diaper. It's liberating to stand in my backyard in nothing but a diaper, and wet it.

    Aside from that, going out in public wearing a diaper underneath my clothes no longer causes paranoia. I wear in public and occasionally at work with no worries.

    I don't think you can become "too comfortable" in diapers. As long as you don't purposefully force the general public to see your diaper, I think you're in the clear. And you have nothing to worry about on your own property as long as you're not parading around in nothing but a diaper right next to the street.

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    I have the same great feeling wearing my training underwear and PULs. I sometimes fly out in the AM and put on my protection right before the flight in the terminal bathroom. Several hours later I can be checking into my hotel room and since I go to dinner then get ready for bed I just keep wearing. Pulling my jeans on / off in the room and just wearing my training underwear and plastic underpants is so comfortable I just keep wearing through bed time that night - about 14 hours some days. Before I eat dinner I usually have to go to the bathroom so I just use the restaurant's lavatory. Hiking down my jeans and trainers and PULs does expose a bit of the fact I am wearing but if a guy is standing next me to me at a urinal he still has to look fairly thorough to see I am wearing protection. No one has ever said anything and if they notice they would probably think it was a good thing I made it to the restroom in time! So comfortable and secure I really am not embarrassed.

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