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Thread: A Little Help - Northshore vs. Dry 24/7

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    Question A Little Help - Northshore vs. Dry 24/7

    I've never used Northshore, and haven't used Dry 24/7 in years. My specific
    usage will be wetting, no messing, from a back-laying/semi-seated position
    with little to no movement or position changes for 10-11 hours. I'm a
    slightly smaller than average size male in that area if that makes a
    difference. My waist size is 43-44 inches.

    Which of these diapers, and maybe the Abena L4 would be a good fit for
    me? Overall absorbency is wonderful but I need the wicking to match or
    I'll be wasting half of the diaper due to my positioning. Is there
    another brand in this $2ish/brief price range that might be a better
    solution? Or something like a stuffer that might aid in the wicking

    I cannot do prints. My wife doesn't care but I don't want to explain that
    to a home health aid that I hope to be eligible for in the near future.
    Solid color variants of ABDL diapers could work I suppose but I don't
    find many, if any, in the price range I'm looking at.

    I'm very open to ideas, even weird ones! Thanks in advance for all the
    help that I know this wonderful forum will provide

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    What about ABU Space? Is the print too juvenile?

    I know they exceed the $2 limit, but there you go.

    Given your usage scenario, I'd say you're expecting a lot of a Northshore.

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    Abena won't be enough for your needs. And don't look at it as a cost per diaper. You need to look at it as a cost per day. Cheaper diapers need to be changed more often, and more changes drives up their cost in comparison to just 1 premium diaper for that same amount of time.

    Both northshore and confidry are really good premium diapers. Northshore starts out a bit compressed and stiff, but wicks pee a little better. Confidry starts out thicker and more comfortable, but has a hard time wicking pee while sitting down. Both are still really good, and should typically last about 8 hours with staying well hydrated, and before leaking.

    In lieu of dehydration you will probably want to add a booster of some sort. I highly recommend using baby diapers. They have an economy of scale and big r&d behind them. You will not find anything which works as good as they do, for less or equal the cost.

    Alternatively, you could try either betterdry or crinklz. These diapers are like ultra premium, and will easily last about 16 hours.

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    Northshore are small. Their medium is the size of an abena small (s4). The padding on the northshore dies not go all the way up in the front.
    Dry 24/7 is superior.

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    I've used both the Dry 24/7 and the North Shore Supreme. They are both awesome diapers in mho.

    I'd definitely rate the 24/7 as superior especially for bed wetting which is my issue. I trust either one of these diapers. But the NS Supreme are a little bit cheaper but you get more in a bag of 24/7s. Don't think my wife would go for baby print diapers so I can't speak to how those are.

    Also,North Shore sent me a sample of two supreme light diapers. They are thinner than the regular ones and I tried it out today, peed in it twice with no problem, went for a walk. Even though its plastic backed it was pretty quiet. If anyone is looking for a nice day time diaper this might be the one.

    Hope this helps

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    I do not dehydrate per se, nor do I ever get a full 64oz in, especially before I would have the opportunity to change. Do the Dry 24/7's still run really large? I remember swimming in a medium the last time I tried them, even though I am pretty comfortable in other brand's larges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyJ316 View Post
    I do not dehydrate per se, nor do I ever get a full 64oz in, especially before I would have the opportunity to change. Do the Dry 24/7's still run really large? I remember swimming in a medium the last time I tried them, even though I am pretty comfortable in other brand's larges.
    Yes they run larger than most other diapers out there. And yes you are supposed to feel like you're "swimming" in a diaper. They are supposed to fit like a diaper, not like underwear. ALL diapers are supposed to extend up to your waist line (near your belly button). Any lower and it isn't fitting properly, and most likely will not function proper either.

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    NorthShore obsorbs better, faster and holds much more! Dry 24/7 in there recent two cases I bought has changed drastically and now hold very little and started clumping. Very disappointed in this. When I called Northshore they said they would make a note of it.

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    I'll go ahead and weigh in for the Northshores too. Some people complain that the Supremes start out stiff, and that's true, but if you prep them as Northshore tells you to, they feel fine. In addition, the tapes hold like crazy, the diapers are reasonably discreet, hold a ton, and wick so that the entire diaper is used before it's full. These are my favorite, go-to diaper for all of these reasons. Oh, and they're reasonably priced, which is always a plus.

    I've enjoy some Dry 24/7s in my day, but they always struck me as brash. They're bulkier, larger, and louder than they needed to be. Some will like that, but they weren't my style.


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    Another great diaper to try is the new version of Better dry diapers from Germany, they are absorbant and wick well Forsite AM/PM are also a good option as is the Dry 24/7's

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