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Thread: Looking for a multi use onesie

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    Default Looking for a multi use onesie

    I am looking for a onesie that would be thin enough to wear under street clothes (no diaper) but still roomy enough for when I am wearing a diaper. I just hate it when an under shirt keeps untucking itself but the onesie I have (ABU) is way too heavy. Any suggestions?

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    Save Express, air oliver range do a lot of different ones and are excellent. I own a couple of the sleeveless vest ones and several of the T shirt ones. Take a look here

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    Abena make a decent bodystocking as they call it, has lots of stretch.

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    XP Medical sells Abena body stockings. They're sleeveless (a "tank top") and run pretty short. Order a size or two larger than you think you'll need. The snaps are okay but are small and will pop open somewhat easily. They've also got high cut sides, so they're NOT very warm if worn alone. But they're very discrete under clothing. They're not very wide in the waist. Material stretch is fair. They're 100% white and would certainly be mistaken for a tank t-shirt if seen. Due to the high cut of the sides, the crotch front and back plunges deeply and does a good job of keeping the leg gathers up against your body in the crotch. The snap area is covered by a thick double-folded bit of cloth. IIRC it's available in both crew and V cut neck.

    ABU's DiaperSuit is very different. They have short sleeves and low cut sides, making them better suited to wearing exposed as they're warmer. The material is slightly more stretchy, and the waist is MUCH wider so they won't "tube sock" your body if you've got a bit of a gut. They use similar small snaps and seem to be slightly more prone to popping open than the bodystocking. Due to the low cut sides, they don't do a good job of holding your diaper up because the material pulls out to the sides from the crotch instead of upward. Even the white model still has a bit of patterning on it, and would immediately be recognized as an AB theme if seen. (the pattern isn't just printed on the front, it's a repeating pattern over the entire fabric) There's no guard material around the snaps. The material feels thinner than the diapersuit. (first thing I thought was this looks like a seamstress modified a toddler's bedsheet, it's the same thickness as a sheet, thinner than your average tshirt) It doesn't seem to fit as well under clothes. The (crew cut) neck collar comes up very high and would easily be seen (with its AB pattern) if worn under a shirt.

    In summary, the bodystocking is a functional onesie to hold a dry (or wet) diaper up in place and prevent exposure due to an untucked shirt, its very discrete and great for daytime public wear. The diapersuit is better used in the playpen to cover up your diaper a bit, provide extra warmth without needing to wear a regular shirt/pants, and to help you stay in your littlespace. They're different products, designed for different purposes.

    I forgot to order a onesie from Tykables last time I ordered... will have to do that. My last order however was for their cargo shorts, which I really like and will be posting a review of shortly.

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    LittleForBig has plain colors (black included). I has a lot of stretch, but not too thick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sissybaby34 View Post
    Save Express, air oliver range do a lot of different ones and are excellent. I own a couple of the sleeveless vest ones and several of the T shirt ones. Take a look here
    Oh wow. Nice! Always interested in new websites

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    Gabby's. I wear mine frequently even when not diapered.

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