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    So I recently moved back in with my parents and had to give up wearing 24/7. Well kinda, I was reduced to wearing pull ups during the day and cloth backer tena supers at night and strictly only wetting. Whelp, today they went out of town so I pulled out the premium ABU diapers when I got home and have been enjoying the night. I've double diapered with the abu simple and have messed twice so far and wet 3 times. Can't wait for an even wetter night and perhaps a morning mess. These times will be far and few betwe4for the next few months so I'm making the most of it right now. *rolling around enjoying my thick diaper* 💙

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    Enjoy your time! I know how you feel though! My mom has to sleep over my grandmas most the time because she can't be left alone so I usually have nights to myself! I still wear my diapers 24/7 no matter what but without her here it gives me the freedom to basically walk around in just a t shirt and diaper and also poop if I need to lol!

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    Lucky! My parents left for a night on Wensday but because I work for my dad he kept adding things till I basically had a full work day and by the time I got home I was too tired to do anything and it was the same yesterday too.

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