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Thread: OK, Cottontail and large baby diaper 2011 Cruisers 7 (stretchiest)

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    Default OK, Cottontail and large baby diaper 2011 Cruisers 7 (stretchiest)

    According to this chart:

    The 2011 were the strechiest. There are 2009 and 2013, too, but they aren't as good, according to Cottontail. I'll try them tonight.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Now...The Stretchiest Diaper in the US...The Pampers Cruisers Size 7 of 2011!

    (dramatic music)

    Size: They are, clearly, much stretchier by far than any other baby diaper I have tried. I had a pack of these back in 2012, but I had no notion of wearing it as an actual diaper.

    Comparison: The biggest baby diaper I've tried until now has been the Dollar General Size 7 diaper, which is larger and can accommodate a larger waist size than Pampers/Huggies. Whereas I can fit in the Size 7, the tapes are not secure, which brings me tapes....

    The 2011 Cruiser Sizee 7's rise is higher than current Pampers, and covers me well in the front, and full back coverage (look, mah! No plumbers!) The sides are firmly secured without extenders, and I have 35" waist measured around the diaper.

    The sides and tapes are firm, and I can move around freely. However, the sides are tearing very slowly, like how Easy Ups sides work, so I can probably get 1-2 hrs of wear time, or move if I wear underwear over them to keep them less stressed. Extenders used just for an inch would make them last indefinitely, but it's closer than I got before, and I can't see my pubes, so 9/10!

    Next week, I will review British Pampers 6+ and Pull Ups.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GuybrushT View Post
    Next week, I will review British Pampers 6+ and Pull Ups.
    Can you review the British Pampers 7 instead or as well because this is the one we would buy now if we wanted to try and squeeze into Pampers?

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    Well, I don't live in the UK and I ordered a pack of 6 and 6+. Size 7 is far more expensive. If you would like to pay for them, Sambus, of course I will try them!

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    just for argument's sake, just how much have the current size 7's shrunk?

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    It is the stretchiness of the tabs that have changed. It seems like they are just as long as pampers baby dry size 6 from early 2016 and before, which length wise stretches to 22.5 inches

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