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Thread: Great Wall of Diapers

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    Default Great Wall of Diapers

    I have not been able to make a purchase in a while so had a little splurge I should be good for a few months they include little paws, lavender and bambino magnifico also some boosters but not in the picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaramouche View Post
    Very impressive!

    Love those Lavender and have to try Magnifico someday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Argent View Post

    Love those Lavender and have to try Magnifico someday.
    This is the first time I have tried lavenders
    And I am most impressed they are very comfortable and two tapes actually are great, and they look wonderful.
    Magnificos are fantastic again look amazing they are incredibly soft and work extremely well However as others have commented the the thickness in my opinion is less. Than ABU top end but still great. I do have slight issues with size the large are too big for me as tapes literally touch and leg gathers end up loose but I haven't had leakage due to enormous standing guards I love the Velcro stretch tabs I think we will see more of these in the future

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    Wonderful! Simply Marvelous! The good thing about the diapers you have there is that you don't need to put on a custom landing zone every 12 diapers to make them look cute.

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    Well that explains why Abu ran out of size larges in little paws lol

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    At least you won't run out for awhile, but where are you gonna put it?

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