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    Hi everyone, long time lurker here and finally decided to join because I feel like I should share what happened to me last weekend.

    So I've recently been wearing in public more often recently and realized that I could use some larger pants to hide the bulge. Now I don't expose my diaper purposely, but I'm not going out of my way to conceal. So last Saturday, I was at American Eagle picking out some shorts and it was pretty busy that day too. Anyways I had to bend over to look for my size with my back to the store. I really wasn't thinking about my diaper (molicare maxi slip) but it just so happened that it peeked out over my clothes. Next thing you know, I hear a teenage girl say a little too loudly to her three other friends "omg that dudes wearing a diaper!" Too which a friend replies "the poor little baby probably wet himself". I'm sure other people heard, but I tried to minimize the situation by not overreacting as I tried to cover up, but sadly the damage was already done.

    The girls continued to glance over and snicker from time to time, but I didn't let that stop me from living my life so I carried on and finished my shopping. I must say, I'm into humiliation, but it wasn't too pleasant of an experience. It really makes me feel for the people who actually need to wear.

    Does anyone else have any embarrassing experiences to share?

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    No experience to share but consider the source: Teenage girls. They haven't come to the realization that some people need to wear diapers. If it had continued or if it does again (small town?) tell them you have to wear because of ____ and they shouldn't rush to judgement.

    I was at a Walmart store a few months ago and a group of teenage girls were looking at the adult diapers and one said "I need to wear these!" I am pretty sure she wasn't serious, just fooling around. I felt like telling her that adult diapers are no joke and eventually her or one of her friends might need some protection later in life. But I refrained. Teens will be teens.

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    It's been a long while, but the last time I was outed was very similar. At walmart, bent over, young teen. I set him straight about disabilities and diapers.

    Just realise kids and teens tend to be more observant than adults, and often lack the ability to not be rude. This also points out that not even they knew you were diapered before it was made completely obvious too. See, nobody ever notices unless you make it obvious.

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    My friend Chris' youngest brother Kenny once when I lived with them found out that I needed to wear diapers and started making fun of me till it embarrassed me badly. Finally, his mom had heard enough and suggested that we give him a taste of his own medicine. So we had him wear and use diapers for the whole next week just so where he could go through what I go through on a daily basis. We even made fun of him wearing them so where he would know how I felt. After the week was over he came to me and apologized for making fun of me and he never made fun of me again. It was a lesson learned for him to not make fun of people with a disability or people who need to wear and use diapers.

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    It was last summer when I made a trip to the mountains with my car, I stopped on top of the pass and went for a walk in the fresh breeze. I must say that I normally wear plastic bloomers under my shorts. This time the bloomers where quite long (from PVC-U-Like) and looked out at the legs. I always take care that they don't but this time I did not realize it.
    A trourist group saw me and asked me to take a picture from their camera, then they wanted to take a picture with me too. When they showed me the picture I realized that my plastic bloomers where well visible, peeking out at my legs. They made no comments but I realized how they giggled. I got bright red in my face and escaped quickly.

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