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Thread: "What's in a disposable nappy?" (BBC short)

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    Lightbulb "What's in a disposable nappy?" (BBC short)

    I missed this in the news a few days ago, but apparently a child was hospitalised after suffering an adverse "chemical reaction" to a Asda's "Little Angels" nappies, which have now been withdrawn from sale.

    In response, people contacted the BBC to ask what disposable nappies are made of, and this is their short video response. I thought it might be interesting to the folks here:

    The only thing that confused me was when the presenter says that the absorbent layer is made from wood pulp, polymers, and sodium polyacrylate. But... isn't sodium polyacrylate just the chemical name for the polymers used...?

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    sodium polyacrylate is "SAP". The "polymers" they're referring to are probably the plastics, adhesives, and elastics that make up the shell. (SAP is a specific polymer yes)

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